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Foucault said: The Greeks have turned sex into an art of living to enjoy, and in countless societies, Chinese society, Indian society, Japanese society, Roman society, and Arab-Muslim society all have their art of sex. In the art of sex, the truth comes directly from pleasure itself and is understood as a practice and accumulation as experience.

Thus, Foucault sums up the basic connotation of sex art: enjoy the pleasure, and experience the happy Indian sexual activity description blog from the pleasure itself.

*Preheating imagination

Don't treat sex as a matter of going to bed. A pre-heated imagination in your mind can give you the longest and most free foreplay. Compared with a blank brain, a brain filled with various sexual information can be excited and enter the state faster.

*Fictional love

Most women like to read novels, and writers usually have a rich imagination. Some descriptive paragraphs may have unexpected and amazing ways of sex.

What kind of sex is healthy in the Indian Sex Practice Blog?

1 passionate love

Healthy sex must be passionate. Men and women can go to bed without a little love, but not without full passion. Without passion, making love is like chewing.

2, fully caring for each other

Healthy sex must be the love of each other. The so-called caring, not love, but concern, care, care - pay attention to each other's sexual appeal, care about each other's sexual feelings, care for each other's sexuality is not appropriate.

3, eliminate all kinds of distracting

Healthy sex must be without distracting sex. For sex, it is the essential meaning of sex; for happiness, sex is the core value of sex. Any sexual purpose other than this is unethical.

4. Promote the spirit of innovation

Healthy sex must be sustainable. To make the sex of men and women have the stamina of sustainable development, we must actively explore innovation: to create a live environment on the macro level, to innovate and make love patterns on the micro-level, and not to repeat at a low level.

5, the pursuit of ultimate happiness

Healthy sex must be thoroughly enjoyable. It’s impossible to experience the ultimate happiness if you taste it, if you are small, you will not be enterprising, you will never dare to challenge your sexual limits.

6, do a good job of security

Healthy sex must be safe and harmless. If you don't wash your private parts, don't go to bed, don't wear a condom, don't go to bed, don't go to bed when you are inconvenient... Only in this way can you minimize the risk of sex and maximize the happiness of sex.

What do sexual blogs tell about sex art?

Participation: Only when you are involved can you create an art of sex.

Process: Sex-art can only be created by you in the process of sexual involvement, and the process of creation of sex art is over.

Experience: Only when you have a deep pleasure experience in the process of sex you are involved in, and you enjoy this pleasure with pleasure, sex truly realizes its artistic value.

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