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Mention the men's Indian sex game, I believe that everyone is no stranger. As a big brand of sex, VIVAAWA brand men's Indian sex game is deeply loved by the majority of people. Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce you to the men's Indian sex game, which is the VIVAAWA brand shock clip. Let's take a look at the unique charm it has. It is often because of these or those problems that men cannot last. The emergence of the VIVAAWA brand of male sex toys has brought the gospel to the majority of men. Male sex toys make men more persistent in sex and bring more pleasure to women.

Men's Indian sex game: shock box, super 30% vibration

As one of the men's Indian sex games, the VIVAAWA brand shock ring has a stronger 30% vibration and a 20-minute tremor, just as strong as your passion. The unique time-delay collar makes him more able to stick; the innovative soft rubber bulge makes her strong stimulation throughout the whole process. When using the O-Vibration Shock Ring, you can adapt to the VIVAAWA brand of condoms and fun. The VIVAAWA brand O-Vibration shock ring is designed to let men and women not only stimulate the male penis in sex but also stimulate the female clitoris.

Men's Indian sex game: zero weight, more comfortable

Of course, when using the men's Indian sex game, comfort is very important. The small and exquisite VIVAAWA brand shock ring is in the hand, very light and will not have any weight. The key is that the texture is very comfortable and fits well with the skin. There is also a soft jagged shape that makes the sleeve more secure on the younger brother. Transparent packaging, transparent shock ring, with purple logo, a harmonious color combination.

Men's Indian sex game: couple sharing

Although the VIVAAWA brand shock box is a men's Indian sex game, it is a men's Indian sex game that can be shared by couples. The VIVAAWA brand shock ring is made of high quality medical soft rubber. In sex, it is worn by men on the penis. The front is an innovative soft rubber bumper that can strongly stimulate the female clitoris. In the female sexual orientation, the men and women and the shock ring will be closer together, and the pleasure of the woman will be more intense.

In addition to this men's Indian sex game, the VIVAAWA brand also produced another men's Indian sex game, VIVAAWA brand shock box, also can make men more lasting, bring more pleasure to sex.

VIVAAWA brand male sex toys--Precautions

When using the VIVAAWA brand of male sex toys, we also pay attention to the use of matters. No matter whether it is a shock ring or a shocking clip, there is no contraceptive effect, and it is only suitable for adults. Please read the instructions carefully before use. To bring health and passion to sex, you can operate in the right way.

The above is the introduction of VIVAAWA brand male sex toys, I hope to help the majority of men. Of course, the VIVAAWA brand of male sex toys introduced here is relatively small, you can log on to the official website for a more comprehensive understanding.