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There is a kind of love props that can make couples indulge in love and can't extricate themselves. It is a shock ring. Both husband and wife who have used indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring said that it can make men and women more sexually active in sex. So how does indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring do this. When the indian sex games shock ring is placed on the male penis, it can give the man enough stimulation, and the position of the handle is just more exciting for the female clitoris.

O Huanjue shock shock ring shock strong passion burst

Indian sex games O Huanjue shock shock ringing, more 30% vibration. The strong vibration brought a sense of tidal surge, which made her crazy! Indian sex games O Huanjue shock and shock have a high-quality powerful motor, the passion is more durable! Indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring is made of high-quality medical soft rubber. It is comfortable to wear, safe and reliable.

Indian sex games O can also be used with condoms

The indian sex games O can be used alone or in conjunction with a condom. If you use it with a condom, you can wear a condom and then remove the indian sex games O. You should be careful to damage the condom when wearing the shock ring. The shock ring is a one-time use product and cannot be reused.

Indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring specific use method

Usage: 1 tear open the package 2, take out the indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring 3. Put the rubber ring of the shock ring along the condom to stimulate the female clitoris 4, press the switch to turn on or off the shock ring, enjoy The indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring brings you powerful power.

Indian sex games O Huanjue shock ring excellent elastic material, close to the penis, so that the blood reflux is slowed down, the fiber of the sponge-like muscle is elongated, effectively extending the sex time! Let passion last longer and more happiness! Small and flexible, easy to carry. The indian sex games O has a full length of 4.7cm, a full width of 3.5cm and an inner diameter of 3cm.

Of course, not all of them are persistent, premature ejaculation, impotence, etc., or they may be caused by excessive fatigue or poor condition. Then, let's take advantage of the indian sex games shock ring to let sex toys help you solve non-persistent problems. Let your her, surrender for you.

O-Vibration shock ring of indian sex games vibration ring series

Indian sex games O-Resound shock ring makes sex feel agile: 30% more vibration, 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion; let the passion stimulate surround: unique delay loop, make him more Can persist, let your sexual life lasting; innovative soft rubber bulge, the whole process gives her a strong stimulation; let the couple's sexual life pleasure: high-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, for the couple to shock the unprecedented pleasure.

The indian sex games can make both sides feel more excited and experience the tremor of passion. With a switch, it is easy to use. Can be used alone or in conjunction with a condom. And it can be put into the water to make the bath more passionate.