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What do Indian sex girls look like? In these villages, they cultivated their daughters from childhood to sex workers...

The BBC Hindi website recently published a report focusing on a mountainous area in India. Indian sex girls, from the very young days, bear the most terrible curse: they are trained and forced by their families to become sex workers, and they will pick up customers when they are in their teens. They are the main source of income for the family. In the article, there is a girl named Hina. She was only 15 when she was engaged in sex work for the first time. But for many local families, the 15-year-old is already "not small"...

Hina was born in the Baqueira community in the interior of India. For centuries, the eldest daughter of a resident’s family was engaged in sex work between the ages of 10 and 12. When the Indian sex girls get older, the other sisters will continue to work in sex. This practice has been passed down from generation to generation and has become a "recognized tradition." Most male family members depend on the income of these young girls to live. Even if she is to feed a family, Hina’s income is still not high: every time she picks up her passengers, her income is 100-200 rupees. Hina also knows how ridiculous her situation is. But she also knows that she has no choice... Hina has been trained in prostitution since she was born, and she has been forced to enter the country when she is 15 years old. “When I was 18, I realized that I was so wrong and angry. But what choice do I have?” She said, “If I don’t make money in this way, how can my family survive?” Hina’s fate is by no means a case... In India, there are many places where Hina’s hometown is as poor, ignorant, and female to sell the body to feed the whole family.

In this village, parents have “trained” their daughters on how to engage in sexual services. When the daughter is about 11 years old, she will throw her like a commodity to the hacker...

In the village of Sagar Gram, women are the backbone of the economy. When Indian sex girls reach a certain age - perhaps around 11 years old - most will start sex work. The village is located next to the highway, where the girls are prepared for this life almost from birth. Their parents decide which daughter can sell the best price. Older girls teach younger how to attract customers from past vehicles. Younger children sometimes hide under the bed to see how other girls "work".

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