Indian sex move

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What is the Indian sex move? Today, Xiao Bian is coming with good medicine. I heard that using the following three positions can stimulate her well and allow her to experience multiple climaxes! Let’s take a look!

Indian sex movie pose

Indian sex move This position requires women to lift their waists to help the penis to be inserted and the angles will have different pleasures. The post-posture method is the same as the normal postural method, except that the woman is squatting. The male is the same as the normal position method, holding himself up by hand and inserting the penis from behind the woman. Due to the angle of insertion, the sexual movement is not very smooth, but it is different from the face-to-face posture method. The posture of the penis and the vagina appearing near right angle, the combination is not very shallow, if the penis is short or not fully erect, it is not easy to insert or slip out of the vagina.

This position is more comfortable and simple overall, the woman tries to tilt the buttocks back and make the vagina and penis horizontal. If necessary, you can also use soft things on the abdomen pillow to help you raise your hips.

Indian sex movie Method

The specific method of Indian sex move is: women open their knees and sit on the male body, so that the upper body rises or leans forward and leans back, all with their pleasure, and as the pleasure increases, the waist movement will gradually become fierce. This will give the penis full stimulation. Men can also exercise their waists in coordination with the rhythm, especially at the waist, strongly oppressing the clitoris and making each other happy. This positioning method is good for men to caress women's breasts because the breasts will sag, you can hold the sputum with both hands, or shake it from side to side, the effect is good, even women can masturbate themselves.

Indian sex move

The elbow and knee position method is also called the action position method. Indian sex move is the most exciting position method in several posture methods. When a woman is half a squat, the male inserts the penis from the back, which is reminiscent of the animal's convulsions, so many women reject this method.

Indian sex move The specific method is: women try to raise their hips as high as possible, so men can see the anus and labia majora that are not easy to see on weekdays, and they can get visual joy and pleasure. From the back of the raised hip, the male puts the woman's waist in a half-seat position and inserts the penis hard. After the combination, the sexual movements of the front, back, left and right, oblique, and revolving can be performed. When doing sexual exercise, remember not to stop the caressing action. In short, men's sexual activity is much more fun, and women get pleasure from breast and clitoris stimulation. This positional method is also a positional method that is prone to pregnancy.

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