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Men generally like the sexy skin of the skin, white, plump, chest-shaped round, but do you know that the woman's favorite "little brother" is also true?

Indian big penis photo

The penis is a man's baby. Many men are very concerned about the length of their penis. They always want their penis to be bigger so that they will have more face when they are sexual, and they will burn the woman's top. Your sex quality is stronger. Of course, this is what men want, so do you know what the world's largest penis looks like? Presumably many men are curious about this problem. I will give you a detailed introduction today through real maps.

World big penis photo

For the world's largest penis will make you extremely shocked, it is said that the African elephant is the world's man's private part of the largest race, you can look at the picture of the African penis, this will be enough to shock you, and now Men will also be self-defeating, African elephants are not

It is because their noses look like the nose of an elephant, but rather that the "man" of the man is as long as the elephant's nose - really long. In fact, in a tribe in Africa, the man's organs are inherently huge, and for those men's penis is not the longest, in fact, for the longest penis not only from the length to compare, but also from the thickness In the comparison, the adult men in their place usually put the DD around their waist or tied them between their legs. Otherwise, they occasionally step on their things and cause great pain when walking. It is very troublesome to see such a large penis.

It is said that African men have a genital weakness of 33.5 cm and a profile diameter of 4.3 cm. The testicles are about the size of an egg. In the state of excitement, the length is 56 cm, the section diameter is 7.5 cm (and the woman's calf is generally thick), the testicle is about the size of the duck egg, the semen can be sprayed 6 meters outside the ejaculation, and the average amount of semen is 95 ml (the paper cup for drinking water) Half a cup), so it is the best in the world.

Indian woman likes the photo of the penis

As the saying goes, the level of the penis that women like is "one goose, two blacks, three purples". Especially the black penis, the impression of women is particularly strong. Perhaps a little thinner, shorter, but the black and white give a refined feeling, stimulating women's expectation. Sexual love, this can be said from the perspective

At the beginning of the sensation, the dark penis has already occupied a very favorable position before it is used. The reason why the penis is black is mainly caused by the precipitation of melanin. The more sexual intercourse, the more irritating the penis skin is, the more the melanin precipitates. Black

Pigment makes the skin stronger and helps the penis to last. The black penis is satisfying for experienced women, and there are reasons for it! But, instead of doing it several times to make the penis black, is the there no more convenient way? I suggest doing a "sunbathing" of the penis. In addition to the beach, the mountain

Also, when the weather is good, you can take off your pants and sunburn the penis in a place that the roof can't see. Just like sunbathing at the beach, melanin will precipitate on the skin of the penis, and it will be a black-skinned and delicate penis. However, don't take too long to breathe, so as not to produce skin that is not suitable for daylight.

Skin inflammation. It's not like the back of the arm, it's inflamed. In addition, ultraviolet rays are likely to cause skin cancer. In order to avoid being sunburned, skincare products such as sunscreen lotion and sunscreen lotion can be used. It's like climbing a stairway. You can't be anxious. Be sure to exercise slowly. It turns out that women love black penis. You understand this now.

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