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1. Indian sex website

There are a lot of sex websites in India. How to choose the right sex products on the website?

First, check the certification to avoid fakes

Like all industries, the sex toys industry also has a lot of deceptive popular products, cheap production and do everything you can to make money. You can avoid cottage products by checking certification or buying from a reputable business. Also pay attention to whether the box is written "only as a novelty product", this sentence is basically saying "we do not guarantee the safety of the product."

Second, never believe in cheap

Sex toys are more intimate, fun, and must be healthy. Don't buy cheap sex toys because it looks like a good quality product, not worth the risk.

Third, keep the toys clean

Love your fun products, they will love you too. Treat it well and it will treat you well. Wash before use, store carefully, check for damage, and use antibacterial wipes.

Sharing is a kind of care, but...If you are sharing a sex toy at a critical moment, it is best to have a condom on top and replace it every time.

Fifth, avoid pectin

A little knowledge can help a lot when watching pornography with yellow sex clips. For example, "jelly gel" is a material used in many products and is treated with any amount of plastic softener, or "phthalate." Phthalates are harmful and may have a carcinogenic effect. This information can help you make the right purchase choice and keep it safe.

Sixth, choose silicone

Silicone is a good material, antibacterial and widely used by many big brands in the sex industry. Smooth, comfortable and easy to clean. The use of silica gel usually indicates that the manufacturer is working correctly and then making a choice. However, avoid sticky silica that is easy to absorb dust.

Seven, pay attention to glass and metal

Although glass and metal are easy to clean, be sure to ensure high quality glass and be very smooth to avoid any metal that can cause allergic reactions.

Eight, read the purchase evaluation

Go online and find out how others are evaluating the sex toys you are interested in. There is a large online community of trustworthy sex toy bloggers and commentators on the web that can tell you all the information you need.

Nine, the website

Be sure to check out the website that produces your sex toy manufacturer. If they are not even established on the website, their security cannot be guaranteed.

Ten, use the nose to test the taste

Don't forget the fun. If you are browsing a product in a local store, try to bring the product to your nose like an expert, just like a wine connoisseur. If the vibration of the product is so strong that you want to sneeze, then you will be satisfied with your normal use.

2. India's best sex website

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