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As everyone knows, India is a country that is very feudal and many times conservative. It is almost impossible for everyone to talk about sex openly. However, as the original human needs, the culture and products related to “sex” are still understated. It is understood that indian women sex loves vibrators very much and knows how to please themselves and their partners. In contemporary Indian society, sex is still a taboo, but the Indian adult goods e-commerce platform ThatsPersonal analyzed more than 80,000 order data and found it in adults. On the supplies, indian women sex consumers seem to know what they want, and never feel better about themselves. According to ThatsPersonal, 38% of adult products are from Indian women sex consumers, and massagers are the best sellers.

According to recent reports from foreign media, new research shows that, because of shyness, indian women sex consumers feel more comfortable online purchases, such as sex toys, topical delay products, condoms and inflatables, compared to physical retail stores. Dolls, etc.

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