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The indians sex survey showed that women over the age of 40 have the highest attention to sexual sex toys, and the enthusiasm for purchasing is the highest. The lingerie that I dare not wear in the past is now a hot commodity, and it is very popular. It is well known that sex can be used both in the absence of a person's own sexual function or in the absence of a sexual partner, or as an adjunct between normal couples.

What sex toys do you need for indians sex?

Indians sex is not just about sexual intercourse or just for getting orgasm, but sexual harmony and sexual gratification are important parts of a couple's life. When people cannot complete sexual intercourse due to psychological and physiological problems, they should not be treated with negative and inaction. It is possible to complete sexual activities with the help of body parts other than genitals and with the help of drugs or sex tools. For example, when a man's penis cannot be erect, sexual intercourse cannot be completed. Then the man can provide sexual stimulation of the female genital contact with the help of the hand, mouth, tools, etc., so that the woman gets sexual satisfaction.

Common sexual sex toys

Oscillator - This type of simulated oscillator, also known as a vibrator, can be divided into two categories for men and women. The initial production of the sex is mainly to provide vibration stimulation to the sexually sensitive parts such as the penis and clitoris, so there is only a simple high-frequency oscillation function, generally 80 Hz, which means that 80 times per second high-frequency oscillation stimulation can be provided. The current oscillator function has been greatly improved. In addition to the oscillation effect, there are various functions such as telescopic, rocking, rotating, and creeping. In addition, the material texture has also changed a lot, with a more realistic flesh. The male vibrator is mostly made into a vaginal shape. The new instrument is small in size and good in texture, which is helpful for treating ejaculation disorders of patients who do not ejaculate; to a certain extent, it can help premature ejaculation and impotence patients to restore their sexual functions.

Indians sex enhanced stimulation - sheep eye circles, crystal sets, shaped condoms, extended condoms, etc. have the effect of enhancing the stimulation of women or prolonging the time of male sexual intercourse, but also have two functions.

Lubrication - Various lubricants can help solve the problem of insufficient vaginal lubrication in women (especially middle-aged and elderly women) and help to ensure a smooth life. Attention should be paid to the use of chemically-soluble water-soluble lubricants to prevent the added drugs from affecting the growth of the normal vaginal flora, which in turn causes the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

These tools are available at the VIVAAWA Sex Shop. One international student brought a sex toy from his wife abroad. Unexpectedly, his wife indulged in the fun of sex and no longer wanted to be in the same room with her husband, so that the kind gentleman could not laugh and be annoyed. In fact, this aspect reflects the wife's lack of understanding of the couple's sexual life. On the other hand, it also reflects the fact that the past sexual life of the two sides must be quite unsatisfactory, and there is a lack of frank exchange between the two. Later, with the help of the doctor, the couple was as good as ever, and the sex was no longer an obstacle to the exclusion of the husband, but an auxiliary accessory that was icing on the cake if necessary.