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India is a country with a leading culture. Kisses between Indians were common around the 5th century BC. The ancient Indians described in detail his technique of kissing with his mouth in his book "Eagle". In India's Indiansexstory love art, the traces of desire can be seen as the best decoration for women, better than makeup or jewelry. For example, in Indian Indian sex stories, women point to the cinnabar in the eyebrows, which is said to mimic the hickey. India’s sex story is different from other countries, and women are always in a humble position. In the sex story of India, the two sexes are always in the same position. Indians believe that women are at a high position and are a very pious posture. Indian Sex Love Story The love posture in Indian religion is often a devout religious ritual, even meditation and yoga to avoid premature male ejaculation. In the sexual posture of India, people realize that the most worth learning is "standing." Specifically, the woman stands behind, leans forward, climbs her legs with her arms, and then the man enters from the front; but women who are not soft enough should not try it easily, and the difficulty is almost the same as yoga. There is also a position where the woman stands on one foot and the other stands on the waist. It is said that this place is a girl of a Hindu temple, she can be trained from a very young age. It is best not to try without training. Yoga masters in Indian sex stories don't forget to connect sex with yoga: take a deep breath when making love! Try to keep your breathing deep and slow. When your breathing is short and shallow, your body will be very nervous, the stimulation will increase, and the pressure will follow. How can you claim to enjoy sex? So, when you have sex in Indiansexstory, take a deep breath. It has been said that in terms of gender, human beings are superior to animals because humans have a strong interest in various unnatural singular locations and methods, completely detached from the monotonous genetic inspiration of animals. I said that I want to talk about your "human love creation theory." The great thing about mankind is that you can take all kinds of artificial tools and organs. In the Indiansexstory, you can give up human civilization without using it. You only love natural primitive instruments: teeth, lips and fingers. In India, art is loved, and the trace of desire is the best decoration for women. In the Indian sexual love, the Indian woman's lower lip left a trace, just like we wiped the eye shadow in the eye socket. Indian women point to the cinnabar on the eyebrows (it is said to mimic a hickey) just as we apply lipstick on our lips. Therefore, bite marks are the sweetest love mark compared to other traces of desire. The sharpness of the teeth and the delicate skin, adhesion and temperature can absorb the sensitive nerves of the human body. At the moment of biting the teeth, the person being managed and the person receiving it are excited and excited.

Hickey sex story

Hickey is another story. The story of this hickey in the Indiansexstory subtly shows the man's shame and the display of the love he received, and later became a spiritual plan. Once upon a time, girls like to use a hickey to mark her man "grass has the Lord." I have always thought that the formation of an anastomosis is almost the same as the formation of a cupping. This hickey is a small dessert in a love game.

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