ladies sex

The thong of ladies sex is the choice of fashionable women, and it is the fun welfare of the majority of male compatriots! Thongs are not just fashion choices for ladies' sex. With the prevalence of light and close-fitting clothing this summer, the trend of women's underwear has also undergone great changes. The thongs that were regarded as alternatives in the past have become the popular focus in the underwear market. Sexy thongs lead a hip trend.

However, while gaining beauty, thongs also hurt women's health due to improper wearing. Gynecologists pointed out that thongs are not impossible to wear, but should pay attention to the choice of materials when wearing, diligent replacement, and try to avoid special periods such as menstrual period and ovulation period. Thongs, the choice of fashionable women. On the weekend, Xiaowei and his friend Ya Ya came to the clothing market together. After trying on a pair of white cropped trousers, Xiaowei was quite satisfied, and she could see the obvious side of the buttocks. Ask the boss to take a larger number. The boss repeatedly persuaded: "I don't get in the way, this number is just right. If you don't want to have underwear and traces, you can go back and change a lady's sex thong!" Friends Yaya also joked with her: "You are old-fashioned, still wearing This kind of grandmother-level underwear, how beautiful it is to wear thongs!"

Ladies sex survey

Recently, a network has made a special survey on how many women love to wear ladies' sex thongs. A total of 44,187 people participated in the event. The survey results show that they like thongs and think that they are sexy and comfortable. People, accounting for 46.19% of the number of people surveyed; dislike, 16125 people feel uncomfortable, accounting for 36.49% of the number of people surveyed; in general, there are 7,650 people, which is 17.32% of the number of people surveyed. In another survey conducted by against men who liked whether or not your girlfriend wore thongs, 38,201 people participated in the voting. They thought that they were very sexy and liked 27,205 people, accounting for 71.22% of the number of people surveyed. 5,639 people with indifferent attitudes accounted for 14.76%; 5,357 people did not like, accounting for 14.02%.

It can be seen that the lady's sex thong has captured the hearts of most fashionable men and women. This is also the reason why thongs occupy the main position in many women's underwear drawers. Some women who are used to wearing thongs even never. Wear ordinary underwear. Often wearing thongs is easy to induce gynecological inflammation.

Ladies sex considerations

However, long-wearing ladies' sex thongs hurt women's health. Two important factors to maintain the health of women's perineum are clean and dry, but many thongs are made of chemical fiber materials, and there are few cotton materials. Therefore, long-term wear of this chemical fiber thong, the perineal part will be breathable. Sterile inflammation occurs due to poor sex. So when wearing ladies' sex, wear the best.

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