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First of all, for a newbie, do n’t believe anyone ’s so-called feelings. The feelings of others are other people ’s. At best, it is also a reference. Everyone ’s feelings about DD are different. When you use it loosely, you will find that it is not the same.

Many novices will make a lot of mistakes when using the man sex toy airplane cup, which will lead to a significant decline in inexperience. At the same time, the man sex toy airplane cup will be prematurely damaged. Most of them are caused by improper use by users. First of all, remember that when a man sex toy airplane cup is used, it is necessary to add lubricating fluid. The quality of the lubricant fluid largely determines the refreshing feeling of man sex toy airplane cup. Regarding cleaning and maintenance: Neither the famous device nor the soft rubber of the man sex toy aircraft cup is recommended to be washed over. The more realistic and delicate the soft rubber, the more easily it will be damaged. Many children's shoes may not feel clean without turning over Virgo) the effect is the same if you put your fingers in. Do not use hot water while washing, it will damage the colloid.

Is the man sex toy airplane cup comfortable?

Regarding the concept of the man sex toy airplane cup, we have already given you a detailed introduction before, so everyone knows that the same is the man sex toy airplane cup, the price is also very different, and the price difference is reflected Definitely in terms of materials, functions, and comfort, so today I will introduce you to a king-shaped man sex toy airplane cup newly launched in our mall-

Jane Eyre Fully Automatic Handsfree Man Sex Toy Aircraft Cup

This man sex toy airplane cup is said to have 2,500 kinds of burst shooting pleasure. Maybe everyone will feel a bit exaggerated when we hear it here. Let's not hurry and look down and you will know. Features of this man sex toy airplane cup Well, to summarize it in a few words: rotary inspection, fully automatic work, and lasting battery life.

And this man sex toy airplane cup has 5 rotation speeds and 10 rotation modes at the same time, it is refreshing to stop. This is not to be counted. At the same time, this man sex toy aircraft cup also has 5 types of insertion speeds, with 10 types of insertion modes. The memory channel of the man sex toy airplane cup adopts the design mode of the 4D channel. When JJ reaches in, it sucks and sucks, and every inch of depth is so cool that you explode. The inner wall of the man sex toy aircraft cup is covered with multiple antennae tightly covering the ghost's head. The material is medical safety silicone, which is soft and smooth and clean and safe. This silicone is composed of high molecular polymer materials and is full of elasticity.

If a friend who is interested in this man sex toy airplane cup can place an order and experience it in the mall, I believe it will certainly not disappoint everyone. Men who exercise penis sensitivity and often have prolonged sex are very easy to disarm at the time of popping.