Masturbators or Artificial Vagina, How do they Work?

Masturbators or Artificial Vagina, How do they Work?

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Masturbation is a very common sexual practice for both women and men, and has been for centuries. Experiencing pleasure in this way is often achieved by stimulating the genital area or other erogenous zones, traditionally through manual methods or with the assistance of sex toys, including VIVA AWA's range of masturbators.

What is a Masturbator?
The masturbator as an accessory allowing masturbation, it is considered a sex toy. These are accessories simulating a sexual relationship, heterosexual or homosexual. The male masturbator is often represented in the form of an orifice with a tube, to simplify the description. This sex toy thus allows the penis to penetrate the orifice.

The Different Shapes of Masturbators
There are masturbators with very realistic shapes, very close in appearance and even in contact, to the sex of the woman. Sometimes even mouth-shaped masturbators are available. They then take the name of sucking mouths, but remain masturbators which can be vibrating or not.  

How to Maintain your Mastubator?
Maintenance is often the main concern of people wishing to acquire a sex toy. Also, most manufacturers are listening to these hygiene wishes, and now offer easy-to-clean accessories. Most often, masturbators are cleaned in lukewarm water with a little mild soap. Depending on the materials, special maintenance may be necessary, such as applying talc regularly or storing them away from light, or even using a purifying lotion. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's advice for proper maintenance. The use of a condom is still possible with masturbators.

The Different Types of Masturbators
The male masturbator comes in different types. The penis pump is one of the most classic sex toys. Although originally the penis pump was used for erectile dysfunction, its use has been diverted to the benefit of masturbation. With the appearance of new materials, it is easy to buy a variety of masturbators fashioned from casts. These are masturbators as real as life! Also, you find some resembling mouths, masturbators very closely imitating a vagina and even an anus. Some models accentuate the realism for a scenario, to the point of reproducing the whole of a buttocks or a pelvis. To increase the excitement, some casts are inspired in vivo by actors and actresses from pornographic films. These castings can be equipped with vibrators.

The Artificial Anus:
This masturbator offers a narrow penetration channel for the simulation of anal sex. The texture of this channel is ribbed to give you sensations during movement. The material constituting this masturbator is really reminiscent of human skin, without however suggesting that it is an epidermis, and it is stretchy to give it the flexibility of the anus. In its basic version, it is not vibrating. The use of a lubricant is recommended for the use of this sex toy. It can even be used in the shower! Some of these artificial anuses are transparent, which allows you to see the penis evolve during use of the masturbator. This sex toy adapts of course to all penises.

Sucking Mouths:

In its basic model, this masturbator has the same characteristics as the artificial anus. Made in a soft and rather pleasant material, the sucking mouth adapts to all penises. Its orifice is tightened to give maximum sensations, and the inside of the mouth is striated to provide optimal pleasure. Some are designed by casting on the body of a pornographic actor or actress. In the more elaborate models of masturbators , the sucking mouths are electric and therefore battery-operated.


The Vagina Masturbator:

While the principle is the same as artificial anuses, some vagina-shaped masturbators have stimulating balls inside. The objective being to stimulate the sex of the man during the penetration.


Other Masturbators for Men:
In the models of masturbators for men , we have mentioned reproductions of the human pelvis or buttocks. These are casts that offer sensations similar to vaginas or artificial anuses, with the difference of the shape which evokes more the human body. Often these masturbators are equipped with vibrators to modulate the vibrations and therefore vary the pleasure. These casts can represent a male or female buttocks to suit all sexual tendencies. These accessories are often the butt molding of porn stars as we said above. For men's pools, some are equipped with a penis for the simulation of fellatio, or even for anal penetration.

Mixed Masturbators
Magic Cat Egg Stroker are mixed masturbators that stimulate the erogenous parts . These masturbators are used in solitary pleasures, or can also enhance sexual intercourse within the framework of a couple.
To increase the excitement, some of the masturbator sex toys can take on unexpected shapes in their external appearance, such as resembling a pomegranate or the mouth of a dracula... For all the pleasures!
Sex toys for both men and women are practical to carry. Also the masturbators often have the dimensions of a flashlight, hardly more for the simple models.

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