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Men sex toys: what, why and how

While men may have fewer sex toys than women, that doesn't mean men shouldn't take a chance! The right toys not only release fun, but also don't increase any amount, cough, manual masturbation, as an added bonus, they can bring many health benefits, thereby relieving stress and strengthening the immune system. With partners, they provide ample opportunities for orgasm and are a great way to spice things up!

Couple's ring

Couple rings are a common introduction to men sex toys , and as the name suggests, they are meant to be used with your partner. They are also known as "cock rings" and are usually made of elastic silicone, but can also be made into leather, rubber or even metal. Placed at the base of the penis - and sometimes with the testicles - during sex, it (gently) restricts blood flow, making an erection look fuller and longer.

Masturbation sleeve

In recent years, the masturbation condom category of men sex toys has exploded, as men have discovered that penis pleasure doesn't just come from giving themselves hands. Consumers are obviously getting more comfortable buying them, and we think it's just because when they're doing well, they're really good.

Anal plug

Anyone of any sex, anatomy or orientation can use an anal plug - also known as a butt plug; They are one of the most shapely men sex toys out there! In general, they are designed to align with the wearer's body when he masturbates, have sexual partners, and even walk around when you're bold!

Prostate massager

Is it no secret that we think everyone should enjoy the intense pleasure of prostate stimulation

Act the role ofing is tasted

Despite the misunderstandings surrounding BDSM, men can (and do!) Enjoy receiving perverted stimuli like whips and teasers, and enjoy being bound while attempting bondage!

Whether you're just starting to explore different roles in the bedroom, or just want to incorporate a bit of fantasy into it, it's important to remember that it's not just women who are happy recipients; After all, all love is fair!

Final thought

Happy men love men sex toys! With the benefits of being healthy, enjoying, and even making you a better lover, there's no reason not to explore your sexuality with carefully chosen sex toys. Give them a go and enjoy!

Happiness products designed for men may not be as popular as those designed for women, but that doesn't mean there's no fun in them!