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In contemporary India, even in big cities like Mumbai, it is difficult for gay couples to open up their lives due to pressure from public opinion. How do gay people love love? This requires sex toys to help. Some single men and women also use sex toys to comfort themselves.

Mumbai Sex - How does homosexuality address physiological needs?

For foreigners, Mumbai sex lesbians generally rely on sex toys (wearing fake penis, simulating penis, jumping eggs, silicone long double-headed penis, transparent penis, etc.), men's lubricants and sex toys (anal back, crystal Transparent anus) ball, posterior anal plug, inflatable anal device, toy pull beads, anal plug condom, wearing remote anal plug, etc.). Physiological needs are actually their own sexual gratification behavior. The same sex can be used to meet or meet each other. Mumbai sex is more suitable for alternative sex organs. Lesbians are more satisfied with the mouth, hands or sexual products.

Mumbai sex - What are the common ways of sex?

Common ones are: oral irritation, hand irritation, alternative sex organs and instrumental sex. The main sexual acts of homosexuality in Mumbai include kissing, touching, masturbation, special sexual behavior and instrumental sexual behavior. Some homosexuals occasionally use special sexual methods such as lips, vibrators, and even extremely rare sexual abuse.

According to the survey, three-quarters of gay couples spur nipples in sexual activity, and lesbian couples like touch.

Mumbai sex - Is homosexuality susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases?

Avoiding body fluid exchange can achieve safer behavior.

In circulation, gay men are the most vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, and the most popular sexual activity among gay men is through direct sexual intercourse.

But in fact, in order to avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, many gay men, like other sexually inclined people, choose to wear condoms during their sexual life.

Sexual Love in Mumbai - Is the sex life of gays very good?

Homosexuals are also specific.

Many times, people will compare homosexuality with promiscuity, but in reality, homosexuals have the same mentality as normal couples in love relationships, so the specificity should be normal.

In fact, the biggest difference between homosexuality and normal sexual orientation is only the gender difference in sexual orientation.

Sexual Love in Mumbai - Is there a similar SM sexual behavior between homosexuals?

Yes, but the difference between the probability that a normal couple will have this behavior is not particularly obvious. Some homosexuals do not abuse the abuse of sexual activity and the power of sex. This possibility is not important. However, since homosexuals are small and hidden from society as a whole, they are easily seen as “representative” once they are discovered.

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