Naked games

Ask, which man is willing to be a quick shooter in sex? Every man in sex wants to have a strong strength like a motor, giving her a more perfect and lasting pleasure. But people are not machines. They always make themselves unable to last for one reason or another, even ending up. This not only makes women not happy but also makes men faceless. Men's naked games sex toys are designed according to the needs of men, helping men to be more powerful in sex. Below, we take the naked game shock ring as an example to introduce you to the male sex toys.

Men's sex toys: naked game shock ring with medical soft rubber

When you choose male sex toys, you will consider the comfort issue. And the shock box put this in the first place. Naked games shock ring, using innovative soft rubber bumps, to her strong stimulation. The earthquake is mixed, and the vibration is 30% stronger. The strong vibration brought a sense of tidal surge, which made her crazy. High-quality powerful motor, more passionate!

Naked games shock ring, using high-quality medical soft rubber, to make wearing more comfortable, safe and reliable for the human body, comfortable and not irritating, so that people can enjoy sex.

naked games shock ring gives you a lasting passion

Naked games, one of the male sex toys, are made of excellent elastic material, which is close to the penis, which slows down the blood flow. The fiber of the sponge-like muscles is elongated, which effectively prolongs the sex time and makes the passion more enjoyable. Happiness is even more!

And the unique ultra-quiet performance allows you to enjoy the indulgent time. The humanized mute function makes the whole passion process private and worry-free. Whether it is exclusive or lingering with the lover, people can enjoy the joy.

Men's sex toys: naked game shock ring easy to use

Of course, the use of male sex toys is also very important to everyone. The naked games shock ring is very compact and easy to use.

1. Tear open the Naked games shock box packaging;

2, remove the naked game shock ring;

3. Put the rubber band of the naked game shock ring along the condom to stimulate the female clitoris;

4. Press the switch to turn on or off the naked game shock ring and enjoy it!

Men's sex toys can be used not only alone but also with condoms. In the case of the naked game shock ring, when using it with a condom, wear a condom first, then wear a naked game shock ring, be careful to destroy the condom. Also, it is important to note that the naked game ring is a one-time use product and cannot be reused. Want to learn more about men's sex toys? Go to the official website to find out.

The vibrating ring can give both men and women a sense of excitement and pleasure at the same time. The front-end puncture design is more stimulating to the female clitoris. The unique time-delay collar makes him more able to stick; the innovative soft rubber bulge makes her strong stimulation throughout the whole process. High-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, for the couple to shock the unprecedented pleasure. Stronger 30% vibration, up to 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion.