Newly married couple sex

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Newly married couple sex How to use a newlywed condom, now many people in the pursuit of stimulating sex life will use the newly married couple sex coat condom, which will make girls get a better pleasure in the sex experience, below Let Xiaobian join hands with VIVAAWA Mall to share information about how to use newly married couple sex. How to use it, I hope to be useful to everyone.

Newly married couple sex how to use a married couple

A few days ago, a buddy secretly told me that I found a good thing and asked him what he did not tell me. He had to send it to me at QQ. I saw it as a penis-like plastic. Tube, a check to know is a newly married couple sex.

Newly married couple sex is also a kind of condom. It is a physical method of contraception, which can effectively prevent sperm from coming into contact with eggs. However, because the newly married couple sex is different from the common condom material, the shape is not the same. Before being used, the common condom is a ring with a thin film in the middle; the newly married couple sex can be "naturally standing up" before use, and many people will be scared by his appearance. Live, how should this thing be used?

The newly married couple sex cops-type condoms and ordinary condoms do not differ much in the way they are used. As long as the instructions are strictly followed, there will be no problems. However, it should be noted that because such a condom itself has a unique design in shape, the surface design has obvious bumps, so there may be some damage to the mucosal tissue of the inner wall of the vagina, so it should be evenly spread with alcohol before use. Newly married couple sex The surface of the coat bar is used for anti-virus and is used in combination with human lubricants to increase lubricity and prevent penile entry difficulties due to insufficient vaginal secretions, and is thus scratched by the newly married couple sex mace condom. The inner wall of the vagina.

Also, when using a circuitized crystal newly married couple sex mace-type condom, since it is not a disposable item itself, it should be disinfected before and after use, and after the use, the switch is turned off, the battery is taken out, and the cleaning is performed. After storage, be careful not to allow water to come into contact with the circuit structure.

The above is the introduction of newly married couple sex how to use the newly-married couple sex condom. Although newly married couples sex can make girls enter the state faster, be careful in the process of use, do not be hurt by it. If you want to know more, then pay attention to VIVAAWA Mall.

Newly married couple sex

Newly married couple sex is not really "hard", very flexible, they can still be rolled up before wearing, is rolled up according to the girl's leggings, and when worn on the penis.

After a man wears a newly married couple sex, the most intuitive thing is that the penis is "increased and thickened". Obvious changes not only let men see their changes but also make women feel the "abnormal" of the penis in sex.

Also, the newly married couple's sex is thicker than the ordinary condom, which makes the man's reduced sensitivity in sex enhance the man's endurance.