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Are you tired of your formatted sex life? Do you want to try to experience orgasm in a sex game? Try it from Let's experience the climax in these games! The usual sex games are roughly divided into two types: one is the sexual activity that can or cannot be directed.

There are many types of sex games, each of which is biased by country and nation. Sex games can be played with your boyfriends.

1. Love and sex games

*Biting game

Do women have such an experience: biting him when he is too excited to be himself? In fact, in some places, there is still a 'biting bite'

Customs. The feeling can cause excitement to a certain extent. You can try to leave a row of small teeth on the other side, shoulders, waist, and sides, but you should not overwhelm each other.

For the sake of the boundary, see who left the tooth prints for a longer period. Remember to never bite, it will hurt, otherwise, it will be counterproductive.

*Feather detector

The distribution of human tactile nerve endings is very shallow, and the distribution of pain sensation is slightly deeper, so the sensitivity is slightly lower, while the tactile nerves of sexually sensitive bands are compared.

The tip density is greater and the reaction is more sensitive. If you use a feather to slowly slide over her skin, from her reaction, her sensitive band

Wherever there is a good view, the little feathers are more sensitive than the mine detectors. Knowing where her sensitive zone is, I can start your love.

There are still a lot of sex games like this. The important point is that both sides can let go of their minds, without restraint, and bathe wholeheartedly in love.

Love and sex are mutually reinforcing. If you don't love each other, how can you enjoy the joy of making love?

*Blowjob game

Have you tried oral sex? Oral sex is, of course, a more stimulating choice, but have you tried some other methods? For example, you can

Wrap his penis and make it into an ice cream cone, then let her taste it slowly. But don't eat too fast, so as not to bite the penis.

*Undressing game

How do you take off her clothes before each sex life begins, is it very slow or quick and rude torn. Even that

Sometimes, it may feel very exciting, but more often it will be very repugnant. To effectively delay the speed of your undressing, I suggest you try the following

method. Tie his hand, then let him slowly take off his body and tear off the clothes on her body with his mouth and tongue, and at the same time, it’s okay to stimulate her.

Sensitive zone, it would be better if there was music accompanied. Be careful not to make her clothes too complicated, otherwise, let him spend four or five hours to break his mouth.

2. The benefits of sex games?

A harmonious sex life helps sleep, and the more sexual life, the easier it is to fall asleep.

Semen can be effectively sterilized to prevent women from suffering from gynecological diseases

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