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There are a lot of male online sex store adult products on the market, but there are very few big brands like this. Online sex store adult products not only have female online sex store adult products, but also male online sex store adult products. Today, let me introduce you.

Male online sex store adult products: shock ring gives you a lasting passion

Male online sex store adult products, that is, we want to introduce you to the shock ring. The shock ring is a vibrating ring. When it is sex, it is firmly placed on the base of the penis. The man obviously feels that the road to ejaculation is blocked, so that the ejaculation can be postponed and the penis can be made longer. When the vibration is turned on, the man will feel the super strong shock of the cockroach. When pushing or squirming, the woman can also experience the joy of vibration. If used in conjunction with a condom, it can also prevent the sleeve from falling off, and it is a favorite sex toy for a lascivious man!

adult products: give sex to super strong vibration

Male online sex store adult products are still relatively small, but can do as little as this. This amazing shock ring is super vibrating and 30% stronger than its competitors! Moreover, its duration is also very long, can shake for 20 minutes! No matter which sex position and posture you use, both people can enjoy a very awkward and intense tremor.

Male online sex store adult products: using high quality soft plastic

Of course, it is very important for male online sex store adult products to be comfortable. The shock ring is made of high-quality medical soft rubber, which will not damage the genitals. It is very comfortable after wearing, and there is no feeling of discomfort such as diaphragm and restraint. Unique time-delay collar makes men more persistent; innovative soft rubber bumps, full stimulation for women; creating unprecedented happiness for couples' sex!

Of course, the male online sex store shock absorber ring can be used not only alone, but also with condoms. When using with a condom, you should wear a condom first, then put on the male online sex store shock ring.

O-resonance shock before the shock

The shock clamp is soft and flexible. Inadvertently pressing the button, the hands of a burst of numbness, ultra-quiet, wearing on the younger brother can liberate his hands, can engage in more sex fun, bring more happiness to his wife. Stronger 30% vibration effect, up to 20 minutes of tremor experience, helping the lovers to easily reach the peak of pleasure and love.

O-Vibration shock box is a combination of two

The shock clip can be understood as a "portable" version of the vibrating egg, or let you achieve the human-machine integration of the egg. It turned out that only when jumping eggs, I tried to synchronize the human-machine, but it was very uncomfortable, because the jumping eggs were not fixed, and often stringed together, it was very uncomfortable, and the sex was greatly reduced. The advantage of the shock clip is that it can be fixed on the younger brother. The soft material makes the belt very comfortable, and no longer makes you feel the burden of sex.