Penis enlargement

Penis Sleeve Xl Flesh Color 19 CM
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6 Inch Penis Sleeve With Vibration
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For VIVAAWA, a well-known two-sex brand, I believe everyone knows enough. For the needs of the majority of users, not only produced condoms but also fun gels, sex toys. The penis enlargement is one of the O Huanjue products. Today, I will introduce you to how to use penis enlargement.

What is penis enlargement?

Penis enlargement, also known as penis enlargement, is one of the O-Vibration products. It is made of high-quality medical soft rubber, which is comfortable to wear, safe and reliable to the human body, and comfortable and not irritating. Excellent elastic material, close to the penis, slowing the blood backflow, and the fiber length of the spongy muscle is increased, effectively extending the sex time! The humanized mute function makes the passion process private and worry-free. Whether it is exclusive or lingering with the lover, you can immerse yourself in love.

Penis enlargement

1. First, tear open the package;

2, then, take out the penis enlargement;

3. Put the penis enlargement of the rubber band along the condom to stimulate the female clitoris;

4. Press the switch to turn the penis enlargement on or off and enjoy it!

The penis enlargement can be used alone or in combination with a condom. If you use it with a condom, you can wear a condom and then take out the shock ring. Be careful to destroy the condom when wearing penis enlargement.

Penis enlargement notes

The penis enlargement will enable both men and women to gain both excitement and pleasure at the same time. The penis enlargement can be placed directly on sensitive areas or a condom. The penis enlargement can make the two sides achieve the irritating effect that they did not have before, and the tremor experience can be as high as 20 minutes. The switch is easy to use and can be used alone or in combination with a condom. This product is only suitable for adults, no contraceptive effect, please read the attached instruction manual carefully. Also, penis enlargement is a one-time use product that is not reusable.

Penis enlargement features

Penis enlargement is a very useful, tremor experience, passionate interaction. The penis enlargement has the following three characteristics:

Shocking together: 30% more vibration, 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion

Stimulating Surround: Unique time-delay collar makes him more persistent; innovative soft rubber bulge, giving her a strong stimulation

Pleasant ring: high-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, for the couple to shock the unprecedented pleasure

Penis enlargement parameters

Penis enlargement length 4.7cm; inner diameter 3cm, penis enlargement should pay attention to is a one-time use product, please use it, do not replace the battery, please use a paper towel after use, and then put it into the trash can. If you feel unwell or have pain, please stop using it.

It is recommended that you use the feminine pleasure enhancement fluid when using the condom. The feminine pleasure enhancement fluid is a clean gel liquid, colorless, non-irritating, which can improve the sensitivity of the female genitals, thereby evoking the inner lust and bringing you rich sensory enjoyment. It feels sustainable for 5-20 minutes. Feminine Enhancer can be used before or during sex and can be used alone or in combination with sex tools.