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Penis sleeve, also known as penis sheaths or extensions, are condoms that resemble toys. As the name suggests, they slide onto the penis for several reasons. Penis sleeve are specifically designed to increase length, length or both, thus allowing for fuller and deeper penetration. This ultimately leads to enhanced pleasure and overall stimulation of the erogenous zone. Penis sleeve are made of various materials. However, the material needs to be stretchable to match and fit to any size. TPE and silicone are the two main materials used to make these toys.

Penis sleeve come in different sizes, colors, shapes and textures.

Why to want to use penis to cover?

Some reasons to use a penis condom include:

Get a thicker, bigger penis. The sleeves are 4mm thick, thus greatly increasing the size of the penis.

Long ejaculation. Use a condom to reduce vaginal stimulation on the penis. Because of the stiffness of the cannula, less stimulation translates into a longer sex life, in addition to keeping the penis in shape. On the other hand, your partner will experience more feelings.

Easy to clean. Cleaning the condom is easy. A simple procedure involves rinsing it with warm water and soap.

Some telescopic model extensions provide additional incentives for both parties.

Because of various psychological problems, such as anxiety, it gives the wearer a psychological boost.

They can prevent STDS and unwanted pregnancies.

Penis sleeve design

As mentioned earlier, the penis sheath comes in a variety of designs. They include:

  • Veins and small Penis sleeve

As the name suggests, these types of penis covers contain veins and patches in appearance. However, like other sleeves, the interior is structure-free, with a soft and fine surface.

Smooth bead condom

As the name implies, it is a smooth model compared to other sleeve types. Unlike other sleeves with a stimulating construction, the smooth bead sleeve contains only one large bump. It has a gentle extension and a smooth interior, so it stays in place when worn.

  • Thick little Penis sleeve

This type of penis cover is covered with thick patches from top to bottom. It can be used with a penis or vibrator. Like other sleeves, it provides a good experience for those who need longer, stronger, relatively hard and soft penetrations.

  • Small spike penis cover

Small spikes penis sleeve, as the name implies has small spikes. This forms the basis of the stimulus structure experienced when using this type of sleeve. Like thick patches, the main extra pleasure of this sleeve comes from the tiny spikes that provide a great thrill.

  • Vena cava

This type of sleeve is full of large veins, unlike veins and small lumps. So expect more girth, more penetration and more stimulation.

How to use Penis sleeve

Penis covers are easy to use. You have to scroll out the bottom until it reaches the top. Then, put it on and roll the cannula down to cover the shaft of the penis.

Penis sleeve buyer's guide

Finding the perfect penis cover to buy can be a daunting task. That said, here are some of the issues, tips and caveats that need to be taken before solving one of the sleeves.

  • Design and materials

 As mentioned earlier, the plug holder comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Most of the casing mentioned above is made by Kokoo. However, most sleeves are made of silicone or rubber and latex. Others can choose vibrators that include enhanced pleasure and stimulation.

  • Type

The model highlighted above belongs to one of the two main types of penis covers. They include open and closed. The difference between the two is that the open type leaves the head completely exposed. This is not the case in closed cases. Being open not only increases length and girth, but also stimulates the glans.