7 Speeds Vibrating Vagina Masturbator
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Bathmate Measuring Gauge
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Brown Penis Sleeve Online India
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The VIVAAWA brand of sex toys has been established for many years. It is not only a private partner for single men and women, but also an indispensable life adjustment product for couples.

Durex playing super happy ring

Durex shock ring pleasure, so that every impact is accompanied by vibration, accurately stimulating her sensitive points, let her climax, tremor demon straight to her clitoris, crispy loops close to his penis, each impact, let both sides share Straight to the core of pleasure, fun shape, charm demon, visual flirting master, light to see if you can not hold. Skin-friendly elastic material, the devil's tentacles are soft and smooth, such as the tip of the tongue, the elastic collar is moderately elastic and comfortable to wear. Petite, easy to carry, body washable, clean and simple.

Durex's fun

Durex's pleasure is divided into vibrating sticks, jumping eggs, long-lasting delays, teasing, and private exercise.

Vibrating stick pleasure: Full of shock, climax play out.

The vibrating rod is divided into a fine vibrating rod (slim body, easy to enter the body, flexible like a finger, fit with the private parts, can be bent 90 degrees in all directions, help to explore sensitive points, this is a make-up Ice cream, the top of the strong shock walks all over the body, from behind the ear, neck to chest, in the abdomen, slim shape, suitable for vaginal and backyard pleasure, help bring climax, this is a teasing teasing From to climax, the pleasure during use is constantly enhanced, the powerful motor vibrates hundreds of times per second, eight dynamic modes, switch at will, one-button enhancement function, turn on full-frequency tremor at any time.), soft double-head vibrator, software Vibrating rod, vibrating multi-speed vibrating rod second generation, rejuvenation multi-speed vibrating rod thread type, rejuvenation multi-speed vibrating rod, rejuvenating multi-function vibrating rod, vibrating double-head vibrating rod vibrating type, rejuvenating multi-speed vibrating rod , Huanjue multi-function vibrating rod, sensation double-head vibrating rod pulse type.

Jumping egg pleasure: happy secret in this little figure

Divided into soft massage egg jumping (this is a soft ice cream, double-layer soft material technology, pinch, pinch, smash, can rebound, bring a skin-feeling experience when intimate contact, using food contact grade silica gel, The selected material is the guarantee of peace of mind. The surface is smooth and the inside is soft. From plucking to climax, the pleasure is constantly enhanced during use. The powerful motor vibrates hundreds of times per second. Eight dynamic modes, one button to strengthen the function. At any time, direct to full-range vibration), Huanjue bullet-type vibrating egg single speed, sensation bullet-type vibrating egg multi-function, sensation bullet-type vibrating egg charging

Delayed lasting pleasure: doing her tough guy

Durex King Kong lasting ring (set in the roots, strong and lasting, let her climax, bid farewell to the feeling of weakness, just between the countdown, to be a real man, to add color to life, return to the passion of the battle. Strong and powerful impact, excellent and lasting Performance, with a forward-looking hardness and long-lasting commitment to her. 5 large humanized design, let you do not worry about the full force, high-quality liquid silicone molding, colorless, tasteless, soft and smooth, sensitive skin available.)

Provocative pleasure: the sensation is just right

Seismic ring (more passionate, superior elastic material, close to the penis, slowing blood circulation, the fiber length of the spongy muscle is increased, effectively extending the sex time, making the passion more lasting, more happy, small and flexible, Easy to carry, whisper-like bass, enjoy the indulgent time), Durex small monster vibration ring

Private exercise: reinventing the inner beauty

Illusion private tightening dumbbell

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