Prostate massage

The effect of the T-point care method is indeed expected, and the difficulty of the technique is simpler than the caress of the G-point and the Adam G-point. The key is that the prostate massage is completely different from the piston movement of the penis in the vagina, which can make your beloved woman enter the peak of sexual pleasure.

We often say that vibration is the most effective way to stimulate men. This rule can be used on all sexy belts around the penis. Next, I will introduce you

Prostate massage caressing with vibration

The focus of caressing is point A, a sexy band named after my name Adam (Adam). Point A is the part of the glans that is in front of the glans after it is inserted into the vagina. A woman sometimes says that the penis is in the uterus. It is not the uterus, nor the uterus, but point A. It is a pity that no one has ever realized that this is a sexy belt, and no one has ever made an accurate caress for point A. It can be said that this is our shortsightedness and ignorance of sexual knowledge. The prostate massage tells us a simple truth, how important is the basic cognitive cognition of sex in sex. A point is like this, caressing it does not require difficult skills, just know that it is sexy, vibration stimulation is the most effective for it, anyone can make their beloved woman climax.

Now, I will explain to you the specific method of prostate massage caress A point.

Use the G-sense super-slip G-spot double-day series to deeply insert the penis into the vagina, and the front end of the penis will naturally hit point A. At this time, do not change the posture, so that the lower abdomen of both men and women are closely connected, and use the penis to press point A. Then quickly swing the waist and try to vibrate the A point with the front end of the penis to stimulate it. It should be noted that this is not the friction of the penis against the vagina, not the movement of the piston, but the vibration. Point A is the source of female pleasure. It is a very sensitive acupoint. If it is stimulated properly, it can detonate the peak state of sexual pleasure. Many women who have not enjoyed the vaginal climax, under my guidance, have a chance to climb the peak of pleasure. A little advice, this method is not piston movement, avoid repeated friction. Swing your waist and vibrate her point A. This is what you are. For men who tend premature ejaculation, using this trick to caress a woman with half the effort is very suitable for long-term love and love.

The prostate massage vibrator is the most photographed in the fun toy, and it is also the most popular one. Its purpose is mainly to fully provoke the interest of men or women in the pre-show drama. Because women's sexual arousal is very slow, more foreplay is needed to get her into the state. The vibrating stick is unparalleled in this respect. Strong shock, smooth and delicate touch, no matter which part, it will make her very refreshing. Some special styles in the vibrator family are developed for men's sensitive points. Using them can fully stimulate men's sensitive points and greatly increase the chance of orgasm.