Prostate Massager India

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How to use and choose a good prostate massager india?

The prostate gland is a male specific gonadal organ, but due to this unhealthy lifestyle factor, prostate disease has become the most prominent disease in men. More and more people are using prostate massagers to keep their prostate healthy. And to some extent, prostate massagers can help treat prostate problems. So, how do you use a prostate massager india?

Prostate massager has a very good effect. As we have seen, the male prostate massager is clearly designed to insert the rectum effectively and easily. Gently inserted into the rectum, the anal sphincter will naturally cause the prostate massager india to move to the prostate. And the arm of the prostatic massager forcibly lifts the perineum and works together.

Through the contraction and relaxation of the anal sphincter, rotate the prostatic massager, lift the arm of the prostatic massager freely under one hand and massage the entire prostate gland, while performing induction reactions to complete the prostate drainage process. Through regular prostate massage and prostate fluid drainage, to achieve the effect of excretion of inflammatory substances, remove prostate secretion, improve local blood circulation, promote the absorption and extinction of inflammation. So how should patients use prostate massagers? In fact, it's not that difficult.

We should know how to use prostate massager. Use a lubricant partner or vaseline and others to moisturize the anus and keep the prostate massager india in place. Gently push in so that the sphincter automatically inhales into the prostate massager. Press the prostate gland with a natural contraction of the sphincter, then use the handle to relax. Repeat to complete the massage. Each massage takes about 3 to 5 minutes, and the prostatic fluid flows out of the urethra each time.

Massage must be gentle, at least 3 days between each massage treatment, usually 1 to 2 times a week. When some good results are achieved, patients need to adhere to treatment. Rest for a few days to continue the treatment to consolidate the effect. Some patients experience pain the next day and then need to lower the intensity of the massage.

Use prostate massager india correctly

Massage therapy is a good way to treat prostate diseases, so the introduction of prostate massage reduces a lot of burden on patients. However, during the use of prostate massage, patients also need to pay attention to the time and frequency of massage, so as not to harm the prostate and aggravate the disease. At the time, prostate massagers weren't a panacea, and they weren't good for recovery if they weren't cleaned thoroughly or used too often.

Frequency of use of prostate massager india

Prostate massagers should not be used regularly, or the prostate will be damaged. During the treatment of prostate disease, patients generally massage 1-2 times a week. Also, prostate massage must be performed for more than 2 days at a time. When patients with prostate disease are recovering, the maximum amount of massage per month should be 1-2 times. Each use must also be more than 2 days apart.