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Speaking of orgasm, every adult may have experienced, but the climax of men and women is not the same. Men's climax as long as there is no ejaculation obstacle, as long as an ejaculation man will reach a climax. That is to say, the male orgasm is ejaculation, of course, there is a process to have ejaculation. But women are different, and women must have certain conditions to obtain an orgasm experience. Real Indian sex stories If she does not have a prelude and process, it is difficult to reach a climax, so in the husband and wife's life, men are easy to be satisfied, but women are different.

Real Indian sex stories What is the feeling of the airplane cup?

Everyone's pursuit of sex is different. With the continuous advancement of social civilization, sex has set sail on a healthy road, and the climax caused by certain sex can make people healthier.

How to use the men's aircraft cup?

The real Indian sex stories men's aircraft cups use a more complex secondary structure than the woman's private parts. This structure creates more intricate geometric lines based on the pleasure points of the man's jade column, compared to the structure of the real person. The groove of the secondary element structure is deeper and more, so it is more irritating, and the effect of using it is very good.

Real Indian sex stories The use of male aircraft cups is very simple. It should be cleaned before use. It is best to add lubricants when using them. This is more conducive to protecting the penis from injury. It must be cleaned after use. Save and save. Real Indian sex stories Men's aircraft cups are no different from real sex, as well as climax enjoyment.

Real Indian sex stories What is the feeling of the airplane cup? The male airplane cup gives the user a great feeling, and the cup is covered with dense bumps. You may have imagined it when you didn’t enter. The thrill of thrilling; the cup throat suddenly becomes thinner. Breaking through this point, you have a momentary pleasure like a break; the cup waist is a more dense bump, and between your pull, your penis and glans will always be scratched and hit; The bottom bump is slightly larger but still very dense. The glans in the process of touching, like the straight flower, can't help but want to spray.

Insufficient "ammunition" can make your partner "screaming constantly"

What makes them still able to do this? Real Indian sex stories For men, lasting sex is not just about conquest, it is more about showing your deep love to you, every moment of sensation, and most importantly, mutual health and enjoyment. This love. If sex is a battle of love, then believe that people can be your heroic general! Effectively extend the time of sex, fully satisfy your lover, promote a harmonious and enjoyable sex life, and control all freedoms to make you more dignified and confident.