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Sometimes you don't want to take a lot of sex toys, then you can choose rejuvenation real sex toys shock ring. Exquisite and compact design, worn by men when sex. rejuvenation real sex toys shock ring design, so that men and women in sex not only stimulate the male penis but also effectively stimulate the female clitoris.

rejuvenation real sex toys shock ring couple sharing

rejuvenation real sex toys are made of high-quality medical soft rubber, and men will be comfortable wearing them on the penis. The front is an innovative soft rubber bumper that can strongly stimulate the female clitoris. In the sexual position of the female upper body, it will be closer to the men and women and the rejuvenation real sex toys, and the pleasure of the woman will be more intense.

rejuvenation real sex toys

Les Resident's real sex toy shock ring is 30% more shock, up to 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion. The unique time-delay collar makes him more able to stick; the innovative soft rubber bulge makes her strong stimulation throughout the whole process. When using Vibration real sex toys, you can adapt to condoms and fun.

rejuvenation real sex toys shock ring feels very good

Take it in your hand, it's very light and you won't feel any weight. It is very comfortable and fits well with the skin. There is also a soft jagged shape that makes the sleeve more secure on the younger brother. Transparent packaging, transparent real sex toys shock ring, with purple logo, very harmonious color combination

rejuvenation real sex toys shock ring and vibrator although there is the only one-word difference, the effect is very different, the gameplay is also very different. rejuvenation real sex toys shock-proof ring transparent plastic objects, especially under the light crystal clear, soft and flexible to touch, it will be very comfortable to use.

Real sex toys shock box - product details

The characteristics of real sex toys are: 1 small and flexible, easy to carry; 2, high-quality soft rubber, the size of the ring can be adjusted to be more comfortable to wear; 3, the switch is convenient, easy to use; 4, the vibration part is soft, to ensure Stimulation of sensitive parts such as clitoris; 5, replaceable battery, more lasting passion; 6, ultra-quiet performance, enjoy the indulgent time; 7, full-body waterproof design, creative passion.

Real sex toys shock box - how to use

Real sex toys use method: 1, tear open the package; 2, remove the real sex toys shock clip; 3, replace the battery. If you need to replace the battery, please take the long end of the battery with the horizontal line from the opening. When inserting the new battery, please retreat the long end of the rubber sleeve first, the shorter part can be placed; 4, will real Sex toys shock clip clip part opened, put on the penis; 5, press the switch to open or close the real sex toys shock clip, please enjoy!

The real sex toys can be used alone or in combination with a condom. If you use it with a condom, you can wear a condom and bring real sex toy shock clip. Be careful when wearing real sex toys to avoid damage to the condom.