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For those who like the sex doll condom, try the Spike Crystal Condom, because the Spike Crystal Condom is one of the better models. Regardless of its effect or performance, it is recognized by everyone. So, how is the use of the spike doll sex doll? How is the effect better? Below, Xiaobian gives you a detailed introduction.

Before we understand how to use the sex doll crystal condom, let's first take a look at the spike doll crystal condom. The Spider Crystal Condom is an adult sex toy that works very well. In the process of use, not only improve the quality of sexual life but also to some extent to make up for male physical defects. If you want your sex life to be full of emotions, then try this spiked sex doll, which will give your partner a more perfect sex experience.

How to use the spike doll crystal doll:

Before using the condom, we first scrub the spikes with 75% medical alcohol. It is usually best to apply a little lubricant on top. Of course, it can also be uncoated. After the male penis is erected, put the spiked sex doll on the male penis. Then you can enjoy the happy time. Moreover, the spikes can be used repeatedly, and after disinfection, remember to disinfect.

Here are a few tips for using the sex doll condom: 1 If you are experiencing discomfort during the use of the sex doll condom, stop using it immediately. 2 Apply a little lubricant and use the condom as a means of safety. You can apply a little on the condom. In summary, we can see that the use of a sex doll is very simple. We just need to follow the introduction of the above small series.

Sex doll vibration condom

It is a common erotic condom. When the switch is turned on, the vibration ring can vibrate and adjust the taste in sex life. People who use a vibrating condom can choose the right model and appearance based on the situation of their partner and partner. In this way, the quality of sexual life can be improved, and at the same time, the effect of sexual life can be guaranteed. So, what is the use of vibrating condoms? Below, Xiaobian gives you a detailed introduction

The package containing the sex doll vibration condom is torn open, and then the battery case next to the small motor is directly inserted into the body, and the vibration starts. At this time, you can achieve the effect by gently touching sensitive places. The vibration time can last for about 25-45 minutes. As long as the vibration starts, it will continue until the power is consumed. If you want to pause in the middle, you should pull out the battery box, don't try to turn off the power or forcibly put the product's outer casing. Destroyed.The best wolf vibrators are purchased at the VIVAAWA store, and the big brands are worth having.