sex doll for men

Sex toys are mainly used in sensitive and intimate areas, so health and safety are very important. So, how is the sex doll for men safer?

Sex doll for men mainly consists of the following characteristics:

1. Usually, the sex doll for men has a variety of vibration modes, and its frequency and intensity can be adjusted freely according to the preferences of both parties; it can also be converted according to different sexual positions.

2, comprehensive stimulation of sexual organs: sex doll for men is inserted in female sexual organs, sexual life is not officially carried out. In this way, the female's vulva, the inner wall, and the male's penis will be fully vibrated, and both sides will feel the joy of vibration.

3, health materials are non-toxic and harmless: sex doll for men are generally made of medical-grade silica gel, absolutely non-toxic and harmless to the human body; 100% lead-free, phthalate-free, and due to materials Its properties are smooth, soft and does not wear out the skin. It can be used with water-soluble lubricating fluids.

4, waterproof: sex doll for men waterproof, do not have to worry about leakage; even in the bath, you can use it.

I have used the above analysis, I believe everyone knows that on the whole sex doll for men is a safe sex toy. Also, everyone should pay attention to clean before and after use. If there is a battery inside the appliance, remove the battery after use, avoid exposure, avoid cleaning with acidic detergent. Warm reminder, customers who have inflammation in private parts are forbidden to use a sex doll for men.

Sex toys are not just substitutes without sexual partners or sexual partners. It can also be a game, a toy that uses sex as a game. From this perspective, the use of sex toys represents your attitude towards sex. So, how is the sex doll for men used?

Sex doll for men can increase sexual love, here is a simple explanation for how to explain a sex doll for men:

1, the sex doll for men on the male penis, the shock of the sex doll for men can make men feel pleasure.

2, in sexual intercourse, sex doll for men can stimulate the female clitoris at the same time, is a woman to get pleasure.

3, sex doll for men can be used with a partner or belly.

4, women can use the sex doll for men to gently massage in the sensitive parts of the body to get pleasure.

5. After the sex doll for men reaches the maximum vibration intensity, press, and hold + for two seconds to release. A variety of vibration modes can be switched, which can be soothed and gradual.

Also, a warm reminder, after you use the sex doll for men, please start cleaning your sex doll for men as soon as possible to avoid deriving bacteria. When cleaning, avoid water on the switch, power supply, etc. While washing, use your fingers and do not use a brush or acid cleaner. It is best to wipe with a dry cotton cloth after washing, or a high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. After drying, dry naturally to avoid exposure to the sun.