Sex doll toy

Persistence in sex has always been what every man wants. Of course, it is also the dream of every woman. And the sex toy sex doll toy can make men more durable and make women more satisfied. Of course, a single lasting does not give us the pleasure of sex. The sex doll toy shock clip, based on lasting, let us feel the passion and fun of sex, let us enjoy the pleasure of sex.

Sex toy shell shock clip - where is the more exciting

Sex doll toy can be placed on top of the penis or placed underneath, which can give us a different passion experience. Put the electric handle of the sex doll toy on the penis, give her a hot tremor; or put it under the penis, making him feel irritated. rings can also be worn on the fingers to stimulate the clitoris more flexible, giving her a different kind of stimulation. The sex doll toy shock clip can be repeated, ultra-quiet and waterproof.

Sex toy sex doll toy shock box - 7 benefits

Next, I want to introduce you to the 7 benefits of the sex toy case: 1, small and flexible, easy to carry; 2, high-quality soft plastic, the size of the ring can be adjusted to wear more comfortable; 3, easy to switch Simple to use; 4, the vibration part is soft, to ensure the stimulation of sensitive parts such as clitoris; 5, replaceable battery, more lasting passion; 6, ultra-quiet performance, enjoy the indulgent time; 7, full-body waterproof design, creative passion.

Sex toy sex doll toy shock clip - how to use

So how do we use the sex doll toy shock clip:

Sex doll toy shocks the use of steps: 1, tear open the package; 2, remove the sex doll toy shock clip; 3, replace the battery. If you need to replace the battery, please take the long end of the battery with the horizontal line mark from the opening. When inserting the new battery, please retreat the long end of the rubber sleeve first, the shorter part can be placed; 4, will sex The doll toy shock clip clip part is opened and placed on the penis; 5, press the switch machine to open or close the sex doll toy shock clip, please enjoy!

Although the sex toy case has no contraceptive effect, it can be used with a condom. If you use it with a condom, you can wear a condom and bring a sex doll toy shock clip. Be careful when wearing the sex doll toy shock clip to avoid damage to the condom.

The Vibration Shock Ring is made of high-quality medical soft rubber, which is comfortable for men to wear on the penis. The front is an innovative soft rubber bumper that can strongly stimulate the female clitoris. In the sexual position of the female upper position, the men and women and the Vibration shock ring will be closer together, and the pleasure of the woman will be more intense.

Vibration shock ring uses imported materials

Vibration shock ring material is made of imported silicone soft-matte surface, which can ensure the user's touch, and is very smooth and delicate, so the hardness of the product is very ergonomic, please feel free to use, comfortable to wear, it is an unprecedented pleasure for both lovers.