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Have the brothers imagined that their girlfriend or wife, every day, changed the pattern and played with themselves? A friend thought about it. My girlfriend is a kindergarten teacher today. Tomorrow is a flight attendant who just got off the plane. The day after tomorrow is the nurse who came back from the hospital. Anyway, a pattern of the day, stockings ~ system ~ served together. But the reality is that it may be difficult to be in a harmonious situation. After all, when women have a bad mood, when there is a quarrel, when there is a very tiring time, what should I do? At this time, sex dool appeared in front of me, satisfying all the fantasies of friends about role-playing.

The image of sex dool and the feeling of using sex dool

To be honest, friends especially like sex dool crystal clear hands and feet. Sex dool's fingers and toes are like jade lotus roots. Friends have seen a lot of inflatable dolls, fingers and toes after inflation, are very lubricated, looking a little puffy, not true. Different sex dool, sex dool's finger skin, and bone texture, have. This means that footwork is also possible, just see how we play, how to unlock. After I got it, the brothers naturally understood, but the lubrication should be done well, and everything can be done.

Sex dool has no special period and no bad temper:

Sex dool has no special period, no bad temper, as long as we need, sex dool can dedicate.Whether we are in a good mood or not, it does not affect the play of sex dool. Put the doll on, put the costumes we like on sex dool, directly on the front, and save the front.

Sex dool is easy to clean and safe to store:

Some brothers may have doubts, how big is it, how to clean it, don't worry, the sex of the sex dool can be taken down and washed directly. This design is for the better experience, because of the smaller things, the better the details.

The details are the key to success. At the si of sex dool, the hands and feet are carefully crafted and designed separately. This is the reason. This will ensure the true sense of the body to the greatest extent. From the appearance to the reality of the experience, it is also easy to clean and clean.

Unlock the amazing sex dool flight attendant, teacher, little nurse