sex game

There are many adult sex games. Good sex games can add fun and a rich sex life. Here is a brief introduction for you:

What are the fun sex games? How to play sex games?

1.Delicious ice cream

Of course, sex is a more stimulating choice, especially if both sides can stimulate each other's 69 styles, but have you tried some other methods? ratio, For example, you can apply a layer of ice cream on him and taste it slowly. Especially in the summer, this is a cool way to cool off.

2. Romantic undressing

Tie his hands, then use his mouth and tongue to slowly peel off the clothes on your body. At the same time, you can use your hands to stimulate his sensitive parts. If you then have some music, it will be the icing on the cake.

3. Feather detector

Tokyo sex love has a sensational tactile nerve ending spread very shallow, and the painful spread of nerves is slightly deeper. If you use a feather to slowly slide over his muscles Skin, from his reaction, his sensitive zone will be clear on which side.

4. Luxury Poker

The role played by poker in arousing the excitement of you and your partner is unparalleled. Set the table and light the candle. It is best to have another incense atmosphere. Every game should not be the wallet of your clothes. Maybe it's everyone's sexual hobbies, such as tied to a bed or a foot massage.

5. Roleplay

You can play the game of the doctor and the patient, carefully examine the body, the more sex is irrelevant, the more intense the desire for sex will be until you One is because it can no longer restrain my desires.

6. Body graffiti

One of the great benefits of using art tricks to smear colors on each other's body is that you are likely to find sensitive parts of the body that are not usually noticed. Sensation area, if you can find the pigments that can be eaten, the results of body painting can reach a new high tide.

*Female sex games:

Various vaginal vibrators stimulate G-points, import high-grade leather material with whips made of velvet hair, soft and tension, sound but not painful, will not cause harm to the body. The fine sewing process is more durable. The velvet material is Super-feeling, silky and soft. Elegant and individual style design, these styles are loved by women, and the sex games are more stimulating, giving each other more foreplay!

*Male sex games:

Inflatable dolls, airplane cups, and delayed sex toys can all stimulate the most original desires, or enjoy a fish and water in the bathtub, use a waterproof vibrator to stimulate the sensitive parts of the partner, look at the mirror and slowly appreciate it, Give the original Sex adds a little stimulation.

* Where do sex toy purchases come from?

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