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When it comes to SM, many people have a biased impression of "abuse", "metamorphosis" and "heavy taste". What is the objective and true explanation of SM: What is SM?

Sex game online--SM

When it comes to SM, everyone first thinks about the bundling, dripping wax, whip, etc. in sex.

In the SM circle, in general, BDSM, which is a combination of B/D/S/, S/.

Sadism & Aasochism (S/M).

On the physical level, sex game online uses whipping, clicking, hanging, suffocating, etc. to stimulate the senses of both sides to achieve the pleasure of both sides; from a spiritual level, it is to use both tyrannical and insulting language to obtain both sides. Psychological pleasure.

Bondage and training (Bondange & Discipline, B/D).

To be clear, B/D means a restraint with restrictions on personal freedom, such as through a rope chain cage. Even more directly through the language gesture instructions require the other party to make a series of behaviors, that is, psychological binding.

With Dominance & Submission (D/S).

Sex game online This is more about role-playing, such as the queen and slave, the owner and pet, the father and son, and so on. However, in many SM behaviors, these three items often interact with each other. There are many people who have some misunderstandings about SM. They think that SM is metamorphosis and is a pathological behavior. In many cases, SM is a way to regulate stress. Whether in the country or abroad, the Cavaliers have a lot of private SM transactions. This kind of transaction is a little more above the middle class. Like fifty degrees of gray, the overbearing president and stupid white sweet is a pair of contract SM lovers. However, in general, the more formal SM behavior is an example of a process that does not design a flaw. In a company where a high-ranking official has a greater right, if you want to change your identity in life, you will enjoy the role of M. , find a S to abuse him (S can be the same sex for the same sex) sex game online This process will only involve whipping, binding, clicking, role playing and even drinking urine games. But there are people who actually show that the Bank of China will combine sex and SM behavior. In other words, SM is a game, but it is not necessarily a sex game.

In addition to the people in the same circle, there are also some people who do not have a SM inclination, but will voluntarily participate in the game for money or other benefits. This kind of real image can only be a personal good, and can not be talked about as a metamorphosis. Generally speaking, both parties are voluntary. Pay attention to the SM process, but this hobby rises to a certain extent, that is, it has a morbid performance.

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