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Nowadays, the male sex instrument aircraft cup is gradually developed. From one or two simple silicone materials at the beginning, to the current model of real beauty, it is getting closer and closer to the real beauty, and the flesh is soft and moist. Guaranteed tender skin touch, most of them are almost the same as the live version. Some people say that it is beyond the live version. Inflow. But once you want to alleviate your physical needs and make people feel the popping experience, that's a good change! An automatic sex instrument aircraft cup is also a cup used for stern tubes. It is often called a cup because it is hidden under the shape of the water cup. Inside it is a soft synthetic resin or silicone material, so the design is more concealed and can be placed at will. At home, even if the visiting family members and old friends noticed it, they could still be confused with a smile, and it was more convenient to carry the business with them.

sex instrument--kind

The sex instrument aircraft cup is divided into electric sex instrument aircraft cup and non-electric, generally electric sex instrument aircraft cup is domestic, it is not recommended.

Because the so-called electric is vibration. The function of vibration is a chicken rib, which does not stimulate men much. This function of vibration is more suitable for women. What men need more is the stimulation of the channel, the feeling of wrapping, the strength of sucking, and the comfort.

 The penetrating and non-penetrating, penetrating sex instrument aircraft cup is a small hole at the bottom. This sex instrument aircraft cup is easier to clean. Non-penetrated sex instrument aircraft cups have no holes at the bottom. This sex instrument aircraft cup is more sucking than the penetrating sex instrument aircraft cup.

 Shelled and shellless, the shelled is the sex instrument aircraft cup we usually talk about, the appearance is like a cup, like a flashlight, and it is more secure. The shellless is the famous device we talked about. It has a more realistic appearance and is very intuitive. It can stimulate the imagination of men, but it has poor confidentiality. Generally, it is not recommended to buy and use.

Under the current situation of severe work pressure in the society, the male sex instrument aircraft cup is helpful to alleviate the vent of boys' desire and work pressure.

Applying a masturbation cup is a very normal sign. Although we do this, we never blindly exaggerate the function of the sex instrument aircraft cup. The key to the electric sex instrument aircraft cup is an experience. How can you see if it can be applied to you from the surface? Is it cool? And with a lot of sales of certain treasure brushes, it is more likely to lead to false reviews, which is believed to be true, especially in Dozens of cheap gray machine cups are even more so. Comments are better than hundreds of sex instrument airplane cups. Is it impossible? As a result, many people were deceived when they bought their first comfort cup.

Sex instrument--use benefits

 Compared to our five girls, there are still many benefits to using the male sex instrument aircraft cup, not that it can be stuffed. Compared with Lu, it is more false. The male sex instrument aircraft cup is compact, the structure is the same as the real one, and it is close to the real beauty movement, which greatly improves the pleasure and quality.