Sex Toy For Women

How do women correctly understand and use sex toy for women? Women masturbation is not an embarrassing thing. Appropriate masturbation has many advantages for women, so women should take a correct view of masturbation.

How do women correctly recognize and use sex toy for women?

1. Masturbation using sex toy for women is a normal sexual expression

In the eyes of many girls, masturbation is shameful, dirty, unhealthy, and it has always been considered that masturbation is harmful. However, with the popularization of popular science knowledge, more and more people know that masturbation using sex toy for women is actually a universal and normal expression of sexuality. It has the same feelings as sex.

2.Masturbation is not a male "patent"

Masturbation is not a male “patent”, and women can also masturbate. The frequency of female masturbation is relatively low. Masturbation with a sex toy for women can also give women a sexual satisfaction and a sense of relaxation and pleasure. And for many women, masturbation with a sex toy for women is the only way to bring a climax experience.

3.Masturbation to prepare for adult sex

A number of modernity education studies have found that masturbation is a great way to "self-physical exploration." By masturbating with feminine sex toys, we can learn more about our bodies and our needs for sex. This paves the way for adult sex, and with a sexual partner, masturbation will not stop, but the frequency is low.

4.Masturbation can help sleep

Many people think that masturbation using sex toy for women is a way of satisfying their own needs because they are not satisfied with sex, without sexual partners. But masturbation is actually a way of relaxation, and it is a complete relaxation, a perfect way to sleep without side effects.

How do women use sex toy for women to masturbate correctly?

1. Try to use sex toy for women alone.

Even if you need a toy for two people, it is best to try it alone before using it. Maybe you will feel a little uncomfortable, but it will allow you to concentrate on the feeling of the toy (good or bad). If you are afraid that the noise of the toy will attract the attention of others, you can play music or cover the blanket to reduce noise. Therefore, noise is also one of the criteria for measuring the quality of a toy.

2. Understand the sex toy for women in your hands

Test the buttons on the toy to understand the various functions of the product, such as vibration mode, strength, speed, etc.

Check the product for sharp corners or barbs to ensure safe use.

Lightly pull all kinds of cables to ensure a firm connection.

If the product has defects in quality, stop using it immediately.

3. Apply a little lubricant to the sex toy for women.

If possible, apply a little lubricant to the machine when it is turned off. It effectively improves the feeling of use of the toy and eliminates the frictional pain that may be caused by cognac. It is recommended to use a lubricant with a higher viscosity for the toy.

4. Slowly use sex toy for women to explore

As long as there is electricity, vibrating toys will last forever. Most women use these toys to stimulate the clitoris. They claim that the clitoris responds more strongly to vibrational stimuli than other parts, but more women claim other the part can also bring a completely different feeling. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to prepare two or more different vibration toys.

5. Experience the different speeds of sex toy for women

Most vibration toys have a speed control function (both vibration speeds, but small bullet type eggs usually have no speed control function). Start with the low speed mode. If the low speed mode still makes you feel too strong, please try it with a towel and reduce the strength of the toy on the skin. You may find that the vibration speed and intensity of the best feelings in different parts of the body are different.