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The popularity of sex toys has changed the sexual lifestyle of many adults and has made many people get the most sexual satisfaction. So what are the characteristics of adult sex toys wireless sex toys in Pune?

Sex toy in pune has an egg-shaped part, some wired, some are wireless, wireless sex toy in pune usually has a string, you can pull the string to take the sex toy in pune out of the vagina or anus Otherwise it may get stuck inside. It is often exposed in the tram or on the street to gain eyeballs. Care should be taken to prevent secretions from flowing out.

Also, there are a lot of materials for a wireless sex toy in pune. It has rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, the surface is smooth, there are many particularly cute shapes on the market and sex toy in pune of various colors, increasing the user's taste.

Common brands in the wireless sex toy in pune are the beauty of the United States, the United States FZ, Shaqi, and other foreign domestic brands. It is sold in the general street adult goods store, there are many online, and the price is cheaper than the physical store.

Nowadays, sex toys are already on the market, and many women are using sex toys in Pune. But because this is a relatively new product, many people don't know much about it.

How to use sex toys in pune?

Xiao Bian suggested that people who started using sex toys in Pune should not directly stimulate the most sensitive part of women at first. Because many women are slow-healing, she may not be able to get irritated when she goes up, especially for no more sex. This is especially true for experienced girls.

If you don't get it, the girl will be disgusted with this strange thing. You can kiss the ear and then use the sex toy in pune to stimulate the ear, lips, neck, and other sensitive positions. If you reflect on the reaction, you can extend the stimulation time. Extend to the sexual organs, here is the more critical moment, do not put the sex toy in pune to her most sensitive position, many people will not stand the strong vibration, you can first from the inside of the thigh to the vicinity of the genitals, and then transferred to the anus, After the other party gives you a deeper stimulus signal, slowly move the sex toy in pune around the most sensitive area. The vibration amplitude should also be adjusted appropriately so that she can adapt slowly, and then increase the vibration frequency after adaptation. This will reach orgasm.

The correct use of a sex toy in pune is:

1. Put in the battery, turn on the vibration switch, adjust the strength according to your needs, and stimulate the sensitive parts of the body.

2. Please pay attention to personal hygiene before and after use. It can be wiped with 75% medical alcohol cotton or wipes.

3. Store the product in a cool, dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

4. Do not touch the dirt such as ink.