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Airplane cup of the quick toy, strong adsorption sex toy shop in Kolkata. The slender appearance is my first impression of it and it is easy to hold in my hand. But then comes the question, is this slenderness practical?

Well, I think too much, it's very flexible, and the operation is completely okay. Open the lid and pull out a heating strip (the heating strip is connected to the lid), and you can see the entrance: not delicate, but intuitive, and the transparent color feels clean. I reached out and touched it, it was thick and raised, and the operation buttons were simple and clear.

Aircraft cup function of a sex toy shop in Kolkata

Compared to friction, I like the grip. Because it seems less mechanical, it comes with a temperature and is rich in layers. It is said to be the experience of using the vacuum principle, tightening back and forth, and retracting freely. To put it simply, when you smoke, your mouth contains the movement of the mouthpiece. Finally, I must say that this is the first time I have encountered such a good cleaning thing. Well, man, there is no patience to pull apart. This one is very good, the second half can be opened directly, just let the middle part to flush.

Summary of a sex toy shop in Kolkata's plane cup

The suction effect is really good and the vibration is friendly. The only certainty is that I want to put it back after I wash it, and I need to align it properly.

What is a masterpiece and what is a sex toy shop in Kolkata's airplane cup?

The name of Mingji comes from Japan. The main difference between Mingji and the plane cup of a sex toy shop in Kolkata is the presence or absence of a hard shell. The general understanding is the nameless device without a hard shell, and the airplane cup called a sex toy shop in Kolkata with a shell. The advantage of the sex toy shop in Kolkata's airplane cup is that it has an air hole. Don't underestimate the key point of this air hole. Mingji can understand the enlargement of the piece of soft rubber in the plane cup of a sex toy shop in Kolkata. The advantage is that it feels good, soft and soft, and it is another taste.

The first sex toy shop in Kolkata aircraft cup I used was manual. At the time, I also tried it, but every time it gave me a very good experience, and then I continued to buy various styles, various The sex toy shop in Kolkata's airplane cup experience at the price, instead of letting him hold it, or venting it in the wrong way, take the initiative to buy it for him.

A sex toy shop in Kolkata

At first glance, it seems that there is no mystery, even a bit crude, but if you think about it carefully, you can easily find the "special" under its ordinary appearance. This sex toy shop in Kolkata's aircraft cup comes with lubricating fluid. It can be used directly after opening the lid. Is it very intimate? At the same time, there is a sponge at the entrance, which has a buffering effect to prevent unknown liquid from overflowing. This is not over yet! There is a twistable movable buckle in the middle position of the plane cup of a sex toy shop in Kolkata, and the tightness can be adjusted arbitrarily by rotating the cup, a total of 6 kinds of tightness. The higher the degree of firmness, the closer the channel fits with Tintin, and the stronger the stimulus.