Sex Toy Use

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How do you start using sex toys in your relationship

Six things to know before bringing sex toys into the bedroom

1. How do I come up with the idea of sex toy use without offending my guy?

Because sex toys are everywhere, tell him what you've seen on TV or read an article about sex toy use to improve your sex life (like this!). And asked him if he wanted to give it a try. So he knows that the sex toy hasn't replaced him, that he hasn't done anything wrong; You're just curious.

2.He's on the boat. How to do?

Buy the vibrator in person or from an online store like (or just invite him to use yours in every part of your body.) Your words, groans and sighs will teach him where to feel good.

3. Can we use toys with each other?

If you feel you need to use condoms with your partner to avoid infection, don't share unprotected sex toys. Place the condom on the vibrator and always clean it or place a new condom on it and then use it in different holes to prevent bacterial transfer. Love gloves also protect you from bacteria that lurk on hard-to-clean materials like rubber.

4.Do I need a special cleaner for my sex toys?

Not at all. Warm soapy water can solve the problem. (just remember to remove the battery before cleaning!) Sex toy cleansers (you can find some at sit well by your bed, but wait until the vibrator dries before inserting it back into your vagina. You want to keep the chemicals out of there .

5.My battery is going fast. Is there any way to make them last longer?

Be sure to remove the battery after playing. It's the best way to save electricity and prevent accidental connections to toys.

6. Do sex toy use desensitize women to real transactions?

No one has really studied this, but as long as your meeting lasts a few minutes instead of hours, you'll be fine. Sex toy use  can temporarily desensitize any part of the body. The few women who reported pain or numbness with the sex toy use said it was mild and disappeared within an hour. While women's genitals become less sensitive with age, lower sensitivity is not associated with poorer sexual behavior.