Sex Toys For Women

Two people have been together for a long time, and love is like the left hand touching the right hand, and there is no feeling at all. If you feel that your passion for sex is not enough, you can use a sex toys for women to adjust it. Sex toys for women or pussy jumping eggs will make you feel more comfortable in making love. With the mobilization of the jumping egg, your sexual pleasure will be greatly enhanced, and the tremor of the body is really great! In addition to solving the physiological needs, sex is good for men and women's feelings and physical health, but don't let your sex become The general machine is boring to complete the task.

Use sex toys for women case one:

My husband and I have been married for more than three years, and the quality of sexual life has been good. But recently, my husband started to “inviting” sex toys for women into our sex life. I don’t know why he bought these things and looked at them. I feel embarrassed about sex toys for women, but he is very interested. Later, I realized that he did not let me use it myself, but used it in sex life. He said that this can add more pleasure to our sex life. I tried it a few times and tried to cooperate with him, but I felt Very bad, the sex toys for women is just like the “third party” entering our sexual life. It doesn’t bring me any pleasure as he said, maybe more often he is more excited. Therefore, I began to refuse to cooperate with him to use these things. He has a somewhat puzzled attitude towards me. Although he respects my choice, I feel that he still wants to use it because he always tries to test me intentionally or unconsciously. I am very upset. Excuse me, why don't I like to use it, but he is not tired? If using these things is really good, how can I adjust myself?

Analysis: You and your husband have different attitudes towards sex toys for women. The truth behind them is that the values ​​of sex are different. He regards sex toys for women as toys, and it is naturally interesting to play with toys. It is naturally unacceptable for you to regard sex toys for women as “third parties”. This is because you still see the sex between husband and wife as something that needs to be treated as "seriously" and not as an entertainment. If you look at entertainment, you will have a more open mind to accept sex toys for women.

Use sex toys for women case two:

I bought two sexy lingerie at the sex toys for women store. I am alone with him. I think it is still very sexy. At least I wear it like a cat woman. But he refused to wear it, saying that he was stupid, and he looked at the clothes and wanted to laugh, and he couldn’t enter the state at all.

Analysis: Sex toys for women can help satisfy and achieve sexual fantasies. Your fantasy cat woman is very sexy, so you feel sexy when you wear it. The cat man in his fantasy is stupid, so he feels stupid. On the one hand, it is that people have "sexual interest"; on the other hand, he does not have this taste or sentiment, so he can only laugh. Don't be difficult for him, look for women's sex toys and games that can satisfy each other's sexual fantasies. For this matter, my attitude is to start with the change of sex toys for women, no need to make a fuss, and this thing can not be compared with the movie, the laughter lens in the movie has been cut off.

Use sex toys for women case three:

My wife and I are somewhat introverted, so after six years of marriage, our sexual life is quite satisfactory. Although the quality of sexual life is still OK, I always feel that there is room for improvement. Recently, I found some websites selling sex toys for women on the Internet. I immediately felt that this would bring more fun to our sex life, so I bought some sex toys for women. Unexpectedly, my wife was extremely disgusted with this and resolutely opposed my use in sexual life. Listening to her tone, I almost immediately regarded me as a metamorphosis. My wife’s attitude was unexpected and I was very upset. Couples will always have numbness in their sexual life, so I think it is normal to use tools. I try to communicate with my wife, but she can't listen to me. I really don't understand my wife's thoughts. May I still hope that my wife can agree with me? What should I do?

Analysis: Sex toys for women can play the role of flirting and helping, but both parties must like this kind of toy, and all have the intention to use it. You didn't discuss it in advance, suddenly bought the tool and went home to bed. Maybe you wanted to give your wife an unexpected surprise, but it may be too far away from her values, so I was strongly resisted. I don't know what kind of toys you bought. I suggest that they can be gradual. Some tools are very warm. Maybe these are the ones that the wife is willing to accept and can also play the desired entertainment effect.

Looking at these cases, did you have a similar experience in the use of sex toys for women? I want to use it, but both sides need to cooperate. So how to get a couple to cooperate, you should also have a relevant solution. Then buy a fun toy and try it out with your partner.