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The internal channel of sex toys in Ming toys sex toys in the inverted mold is completely similar to real people, with realistic shapes and some special functions, which bring stronger pleasure and stimulation to male reproductive organs. So how to play? Which one is more comfortable to play than a real person?

The benefits of sex toys in

sex toys in inverted mold massage the sexually sensitive areas through massage and vibration function to regulate the endocrine to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life. Improve users' sexual desire, increase the speed of sexual response, increase endocrine and enhance sexual pleasure. Improve sexual dysfunction.

Use of sex toys in inverted mold

Adult sex toys in inverted mode are suitable for some sex life irregularities, sexual function problems, couples living in two places or single male friends with strong desire. Which one is more comfortable to play than a real person?

Sex toys in the inverted mold have full, elastic buttocks, the skin is white and red, soft and delicate, making people feel excited. The 3D three-dimensional design can bring people both visual and tactile enjoyment. Also, the internal structure of sex toys in an inverted mold is complex, and it also has the function of vibration clamping and suction. It can also adjust the posture at any time, which is true and exciting.

But real people and sex toys in an inverted mold are still essentially different. Real people have interaction, emotional communication, and psychological satisfaction is very strong. These cannot be given by sex toys in an inverted mold. In terms of feeling, there are also differences. No matter how soft and flexible the sex toys in the inverted mold are, they are not as delicate as real people. The fit is much worse and the surface is much less delicate. As for the grip, a well-made sex toy in the inverted mold is still possible.

Train first during actual combat exercises and know your lover's body early.

What are sex toys in Mingqi, and what are sex toys in Aircraft Cup?

The name of the sex toys in Ming Qi comes from Japan. The main difference between sex toys in Ming Qi and sex toys in Aircraft Cup is the presence or absence of a hard shell. The general understanding is that there is no hard shell called sex toys in the name device, with the shell is called sex toys in aircraft cup. The advantage of sex toys in airplane cup is that there is an air hole. Don't underestimate this air hole, it will be very comfortable when you suck. The sex toys in the name device can be understood as the enlargement of the piece of soft rubber in the sex toys in the aircraft cup. The advantage is that it feels good, soft, and it is another taste.

What brand of sex toys in the airplane cup is better?

 At present, the well-known sex toys in aircraft cup brands on the market are Thunder, Nolan, Jane Eyre, Jupin, etc.Many boys do not necessarily know the body structure of their lovers. The connection structure of the masturbation cup is the same as that of a lover. It is useful to study it at once, especially a little boy who has not experienced it before. He tried the male sex toys in an airplane cup, and he didn't need psychological tension for the first time.