Sex Toys India Crystal Plug
  • Sex Toys India Crystal Plug
  • Sex Toys India Crystal Plug
  • Sex Toys India Crystal Plug

Sex Toys India Crystal Plug


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A tiny classic size perfect for anal game for beginners and just a little warmer stuff (or a lot), the Jelly Ranch mini fun plug will be ready, waiting for stretching and stimulating fun cravings, but far and wide.


This small plug is easy and smooth to insert in translucent purple, expanding to subtly provide sexy stretched anal muscles and sphincters to the bottom. Once fully inserted, this process takes exactly the same amount of time to ensure comfort, and the thinner neck holds the shaft in place at the base - it can stay indoors and prank in other bedrooms.


In a safe, scented, odorless elastomeric material, without phthalates, you can bend and bend your plug to fit the shape of your (or your partner), it's nice, supple, but definitely strong enough Satisfy. A beautiful large suction cup easily sticks to the smoothest, flat surface at the bottom. Hello, no hands!


In skin safe, ultra-smooth elastomer with zero odor, phthalates or irritants, mini clean easy to use warm soapy water or good toy care solution/foam. Compatible with any favorite water or silicone lubricants - we always recommend a quality water based formula and lots!

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