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How to choose anal plug by sex toys online shop

What is anal plug?

Anal plugs or plugs are inserted toys designed to be fixed and not pop out.There are many types of anal toy in sex toys online shop. Anal toys can be used for different reasons: some people use them to train their sphincter muscles before anal sex, add extra stimulation to other anal plugs during regular sex or foreplay, and some people enjoy it as a sign of obedience in their strength games.

1. Insert the

The sphincter can be very tight, so it's important to relax and prepare before you enter the anus. Always start with something small, like a beginner's anal kit, and look for a cone, which is the easiest to insert. Lubrication is important for safe play because the anus doesn't have enough natural lubrication.

2. Keep it

If you want your plug to stay in during sex, look for one with a neck, which is the narrow area above the flat base. The sphincter will close around it and your plug will stay in place. For more comfortable stimulation, try a toy with a long, narrow base. The narrow base fits comfortably against the cheeks of the hips as you play.

3. The vibration

Vibrations can add extra pleasure to anal play. Some people like high notes, ticklish vibrations, while others like a deep rumble. Holding the vibrator outside the orifice is a good way to warm up for anal sex.

4.G and p stimulation

If you want to stimulate your P or G spot, a curved anal toy will make it easier. Point the toy at your belly button and shake it slightly to apply pressure to these sensitive areas.

5. The tensile

Many people find their muscles slowly stretching and feeling full very exciting. Always proceed slowly with adequate lubricant. For safety, use a smaller plug to warm up before trying a larger toy.