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How to choose the best sex toys online shopping: 4 burning questions

Can anyone tell which sex toys online shoppingare the best? Yeah, the one who tried them. Thankfully, our professional contributors have done it for you. We gathered the best insights to answer four of the most common questions people ask when buying sex toys online shopping. Explore tips from experienced sex toy users and save time and money when choosing your dream sex toys online shopping.

1.How to choose anal plug?

As the ultimate design for sex toys, docking a plug is always tricky and causes a lot of problems. One of the most important things - how do you feel? Materials play an important role in sex toys. Whether you're looking for a good butt plug to prepare your loot for a hot backdoor meeting, or want to add fun by wearing it all day, your experience depends on the material. So which one should you choose?

Silicone butt plug

Whatever your purpose, the silicone butt plug is by far the most important. For the back-end gaming connoisseur, they're number one, too, because they're perfect for long-term wear -- soft and firm, and a luxurious silicone plug will make you feel comfortable and comfortable for hours. Also, what's really important for anal toys is that silicone plugs are easy to clean and care for.

Glass stopper

On the other hand, glass plugs are absolute favorites for our contributors, who crave something pleasantly firm and smooth. The smooth, non-porous surface makes these sex toys very lubricated - just a few drops, and the baby can slide and slide. Glass toys offer a wide variety of designs and shapes, so choosing a glass stopper is like buying a piece of art.

Metal butt plug

The metal plug is the first choice for those who enjoy playing with the temperature and feeling the brutal weight. High quality metal plugs are expensive, but expensive - they last years and never let you down.

2.Which vibrator works better: rotation or thrust?

Once propelling and rotating vibrators enter the sex toy market, there is no turning back. Feels better than reality, has incredible features and most hands-free operations - what doesn't love? But how do you choose between the two types of vibrator functions? That's when you visit our BBS members.

Thrust vibrator

Thrust vibrators are the sweetest cup of tea for those who love to caress through the penis. "Ocean movement" replicates admirably, so all you have to do is lie back and relax. Our contributors also point out that it's fun to release your hands during the solo course - you can play with all the other hot spots on your body while your sexy parts are being stroked by dedicated toys.

Rotary vibrator

Rotary vibrators may lack some powerful power, but our BBS members believe they offer the most sensual intimate massage you can imagine. Deep circular motion stimulates every inch of your heart. Working on your g-spot takes only a few minutes to get you through the roof.

3. How to choose the best rooster ring for you?

Simple penis rings can make a man the best lover, his erection is hard and strong, vibrating cock rings can enhance his sexual endurance and tease her clitoris for excellent stimulation - rings are really lovers' best friends.

Ordinary silicone cock ring

Pure silica plug rings are loved by our contributors. They can't be simpler - but they can't be more functional. The elastic band holds the penis around the base, keeping the blood flow in the shaft, and making the hard tree last as needed.

Vibrating ring

Vibrational rings are essential for couples who are trying to close the orgasm gap and/or aim to orgasm at the same time. The force of this little vibrating bullet is enough to accelerate her explosion, and the ring itself delays its completion - which is what our BBS members call win-win - and this discussion proves it.

4.What glass toys have the best texture?

Spiral - textured dildo

If you want your g-spot to work really well, the rotating textured dildo is top of the game. More than 65 percent of contributors voted for rotating glass rods as the most ornate - shortest - way to crack O. The rich texture around the axis feels obvious and very sensual, gathering you around you. Sounds great, right?

A dildo called a texture

When it comes to providing intense stimulation, the dildo known as texture is unparalleled. Precise stimulation, good pressure, classic massage design - if you're looking for a vaginal massage, these jagged glass rods are impeccable.