Sex Toys Price

Sex Toys Price

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Sex Toys For Every Price Range

We're pretty sure choosing the right sex toy is more important than choosing the right apartment. 

Okay, maybe that??s a stretch ?? but at the very least it's not as simple as grocery shopping. What??s too much or too little to spend? Do you want something basic, or would a few bells and whistles be a nice change of pace? What if you have a nosy roommate? What if you??re creeped out by silicone?

Before you get buried in an avalanche of your own questions, find the right sex toy for you, whether for $20 or $4,000. 

Sex And Mischief Beginner Handcuffs


For newcomers to restraints, handcuffs get way more serious (and sexy) when they aren??t pink, fuzzy, and a prize from the last bachelorette party you got dragged to. Black and sleek is the way to go with these padded cuffs. Remember to take turns playing the bad cop.

If you??re on the lookout for some dual-action, well, action, this is just about as affordable (and adorable) as you can get. The travel-size, insertable section is flexible and adjustable, and the butterfly (possibly your new favorite animal after this purchase) stimulates you externally.

If handcuffs are old hat for you, try dipping your toe into the SM part of BDSM. These clamps can add just the right amount of pain to your pleasure ?? though they are, luckily, nickel-free, padded, and adjustable. Safety first.

The remote is bigger than the vibrator, and for good reason; this bullet offers six different functions for all your needs, wherever they occur ?? it??s lauded for its water resistance and basically silent motor.

Deluxe Waterproof Bullet, $30.00

With a dildo so beautifully crafted, you won??t want to keep it tucked away in your nightstand (okay, unless your mom is in town). It isn??t just an aesthetically appealing dildo, either ?? the orbed end is actually meant for Kegels. Plus, if you??re new to glass toys, keep in mind how easy they are to clean.

Glass Dildo, $40.00

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