sexe toys

It is said that men "drive" like to open the manual gear, because they enjoy the comfort of wanton operation, and flying is no exception. It is natural for old drivers to "drive" like manual gears. After all, they have been living their own lives since childhood. No external tools are used, so it's hard to say how good the experience is, it's more about releasing pressure.

Still have to be better at your key parts, after all, it is happy, you can be happy. It's time to give Amway a suitable sexe toys airplane cup. Men have a strong desire to control, and they want to control everything, especially their bodies. Regardless of the time of standing, the hardness of standing, the durability of firmness, the body is not in size, you want to master it!

sexe toys aircraft Cup Material

For me who has read countless cups, the sexe toy airplane cup that I want to manually and cool is, of course, the first choice of Japanese TENGA. Regardless of the material or the physical sense, the domestic sexe toys aircraft cups are almost a few streets away. Their annual sales have exceeded 10 million, and it is not enough to say that it is NO.1.

I love their Twist series, and the Origin series is more suitable for the first time using the sexe toys aircraft cup. The Twist series has two options, one is the lingering type, and the other is the tease BO type that I want to talk to everyone today. Just say one more thing, if you are playing for the first time, it is best not to use the electric, in case you accidentally press the wrong button, an accelerated version comes, then your key parts are estimated to be worse than death!

sexe toys aircraft Cup Accessories

Pull the bottom to remove the outer packaging, black and red colors, low-key without losing the atmosphere, and a bit like a thermos cup. The most burdock is that it puts the lubricating liquid in the shape of a test tube and puts it in the cup, so it won't feel chicken ribs. The sexe toys aircraft cup, after all, is also in close contact with the body, in case the material is inferior and there is an allergy, it is worth the loss. It is made of security silicone + ABS material, and the security is still relatively good. It contains a cup body, an ultra-soft silicone inverted mold, and a lubricant.

sexe toys inverted function

This silicone inverted mold is very comfortable. It feels soft and waxy, but there is no odor but a faint scent. It is full of various threads and large raised points. During the pumping process, the key parts of the BO are perfect, allowing the key parts to erect quickly. The shape does not look much different from the ordinary manual cup, but it can be tightened by rotating. There are 5 types of firmness, which can be adjusted according to your preference. Just like the following, the channel will be tightened because of its rotating pressure. By rotating and shrinking the key parts, you will feel pressure inside, a kind of squeezed tightness, and the threaded protrusions on the inside can rub the key parts more fully. When I first got it, I thought it was turning open, but it took a lot of energy to pull it out, but this is a trivial matter. Before use, rinse with water and wipe dry. Then add lubricant to the inside and outside, and then apply the lubricant to the little brother.