sexey toys For Girls

How to choose the sex toys for girls? What are the sex toys for girls?

1.       Bullets egg

Jumping eggs are one of the sex toys for girls, the more common sex toys. It can be used not only for women's vagina, but also for women's sexual desire. A partner can also use it for flirting. Can be used to stimulate the female clitoris, or anus. It is the sex toys for girls with vibration function. As the name suggests, jumping eggs. It is like beating because of the vibration. Different vibration frequencies bring different stimuli. Such a small sex toys for girls brings a different pleasure and enjoyment.

2.       vibrator

This sex toys for girls is the most familiar fun toy. The sleek shape design and flexible in vitro massage head perfectly fit the curves and contours of the female body. Once started, it can stimulate female G-spots and clitoris at the same time, bringing the most enjoyable sensory enjoyment. The clitoris and the G-point are the climax of the woman's climax, stimulating these two parts, women do not want to climax is difficult.

3.       Dildos

Most of the simulation penis is made of medical soft rubber, which can be used manually or with a battery with vibration function. These sex toys for girls are slightly more expensive and will automatically rotate or have a telescopic function. The intensity and amplitude of the vibration can be adjusted as desired. Some of the walls are inlaid with elastic beads for optimal stimulation. Some even have small massagers that can stimulate women while using them. Sensitive area.

How to choose the sex toys for girls

1.       First of all, we must have an open mind to accept sex toys for girls with a normal mind. Sex toys for girls are a daily necessities of life, and the happiness it brings to us is something that cannot be realized by other daily necessities.

2.       To choose brand products, to ensure reliable quality. Nowadays, there are many kinds of sex toys for girls, which are not good, some people are cheap, and some sex toys for girls that are rough, poor materials and unreasonable design are very troublesome.

3.       To be familiar with the characteristics of their psychological physiology, according to their own needs to choose sex toys for girls. Some people are indifferent, choose to stimulate female fun toys, such as sexy underwear, aphrodisiac drugs, etc.; some people have physical barriers, then choose to nourish and strengthen the body. In short, what kind of sex toys for girls should be chosen according to their own requirements, do not choose to buy without choice.

4.       To be familiar with the products purchased, to understand the function of the product, the use of methods, precautions, etc., as long as the product is fully understood, in order to achieve the best of their ability, to help their own sexual life.

How to choose the sex toys for girls? How to use the sex toys for girls correctly

1. When using some sex toys for girls that touch the skin or the body, remember to disinfect first. You only need to wipe with ordinary concentration of alcohol cotton. Do not use high concentration of alcohol, which will cause harm to the skin or the body.

2. Control the time of using sex toys for girls. Because it takes too long to use, it may cause harm to the human body, so it will not be worth the loss.

3. Control the frequency of using the affective aids. It may feel good at the beginning of use, the pleasure will be very obvious, but it will be easy to numb after frequent use, and the pleasure will also decrease. Influence the future life.

How to choose the sex toys for girls? Are the sex toys for girls masturbation harmful to people?

Choosing the right masturbation device is generally not harmful to the body. The following conditions can cause harm to the body:

1. Do not pay attention to hygiene when using the masturbation device. Many people do not do cleaning work before and after using the masturbation device. As everyone knows, the masturbation device will carry a lot of bacteria after each use. If the next time the device is not cleaned, it will easily enter the bacteria, causing bacterial infection and causing urinary tract. A series of diseases such as infection and genital infection.

2. Use "fake masturbation". Due to the lack of knowledge of relevant knowledge, some female friends will use unclean fingers to touch important parts, or use slender vegetables or debris to insert into the vagina and so on, which can easily cause vaginal damage.


3. Buy a poor quality masturbation device. Inferior masturbation devices may cause bacterial infections in the reproductive organs, causing various inflammations, which may have serious effects on the human health of the users.

How to choose the sex toys for girls? Can sex toys for girls masturbation device be used for a long time?

Too much use of the masturbation device will reduce the sensitivity of the body's "sexual excitement", and sexual arousal will become more and more difficult. This is because sex toys for girls often use instruments to directly stimulate specific parts of the body to pursue a strong pleasure in one step and exaggeration.