Sexgame sex skills are also important to the experience.

Netizens are very responsive to me, some spit, some share some sexgame sex skills to me, and many people even suggested that I have to use a long-term tight condom for a long time online shop, I was I am very grateful for their help. I also became interested in the condom. Later, I realized that the original condom can use physical methods to make men have more love. I thought about it and felt safe, and I needed it with my husband. If you try it, you can buy it online. I also bought a few sets of sexy lingerie, ready to seduce my husband.

Sexgame lingerie

On the night of receiving the goods, I couldn’t wait to test with my husband. I went home early that day and prepared a good meal. I also had a good mood to open a bottle of red wine and made a candlestick for a candlelight dinner at the table. My husband went home and was very surprised. We had a very romantic night. We chatted with the husband and wine. It felt like we were back in love. After dinner, my husband opened the sound, but our favorite song, and then took me. The hand swaying and dancing in the living room. Under the stimulation of music and alcohol that night, we were very excited with each other, and the atmosphere was also very good. My husband slowly approached me and reached out to untie the belt of my nightgown.

That night, I wore sex game sexy lingerie under my nightgown, and the looming curve even blushes when I look at myself, and when my husband unlocks my nightgown and takes it off when he sees me When the sex game under the nightgown is sexy, I feel that his eyes are straight. His eyes are very hot, his throat is rolling, and he can't help but swallow his mouth. I am very proud of it, and I am closer to him. I also touched the lower body that he had erected. That night was the first time we used a tight condom. Frankly speaking, there was no special feeling, but after a period of persistence, the effect was obvious.

My husband has been doing this for a long time. I couldn’t hold it for two minutes. Now I have no problem with half an hour. I am very happy. My husband has become so passionate and happy. We are no longer sharing rooms and sleeping again. In bed, and under my hard work, my husband also learned the foreplay skills, not as reckless as before, but also afraid of jokes. Married for 8 years before the sex life of sex game, but as long as sex game is not good. Too late, I am also very glad that I decided to change.

It is estimated that everyone has already learned about how to wear sexy lingerie through the introduction of Xiaobian. How to wear sexy lingerie is a big benefit for friends who want to improve their sex game sex index. Learn more skills, you Be sure to conquer your other half.