Sextoys online

Every man is eager to be more persistent in sex, but people are not machines, and they can't always move indefinitely, but the emergence of the sextoys online shock ring has realized the man's lasting dream. Just bring the sextoys online shock ring, you can make a man with a super motor, more durable, bring her more pleasure.

What is the sextoys online shock ring?

The sextoys online shock ring is the O-sensation sextoys online shock ring, and there are several other network names, such as the vibration ring, delay ring and so on. Its main function is to prolong male sex time, and its vibration function can stimulate sensitive parts of the female (clutch).

What are the benefits of the sextoys online shock ring?

There are many advantages of the sextoys online shock ring: 1. The shock is mixed: the 30% vibration is stronger, and the strong vibration brings the thrill of the tide, which makes her crazy. 2, the use of the high-quality powerful motor, up to 20 minutes of tremor, so that the strong passion is more durable. 3, stimulating surround: unique delay loop, using excellent elastic material, close to the penis, so that the blood reflux is slowed down, the fiber length of the spongy muscle is increased, so that he can more effectively extend the sex time. 4, high-quality medical soft rubber, comfortable to wear, safe and reliable, comfortable and not irritating to the human body, giving her a strong stimulation throughout the whole process, so that the lovers can feel happy. 5, ultra-quiet performance, let your passion process private and worry-free, let you immerse yourself in love, enjoy the indulgent time. 6, sextoys online shock ring can make both sides feel stimulated, experience passion tremors. With a switch, it is easy to use.

How to use sextoys online shock rings?

The sextoys online shock ring is placed on the male penis. The steps are as follows: 1. Open the package; 2. Take out the sextoys online shock ring; 3. Place the rubber band of the sextoys online shock ring along the condom to stimulate the female. Clitoris; 4, press the switch to open or close the sextoys online shock ring, you can enjoy passionate sex. It can be used alone or in conjunction with a condom.

However, everyone should pay attention to is that the sextoys online shock ring is a sex toy, there is no contraceptive effect. Therefore, when using the sextoys online shock ring, you need to do a good job of contraception. Also, when there is vaginal dryness, some K-Y lubricating fluid can be used together to solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

O Huanjue Shock Clamp

The shocking clip has a unique shape and adds interest. It is a combination of “shock” and joy. Stronger 30% vibration effect, a total of pleasant peaks. This product is small and flexible, easy to carry, its ring is a high-quality soft rubber, and the size of the ring can be adjusted and comfortable to wear.

In addition to being easy to clean, the 360° waterproof design creates an infinite creative space. Whether it is in a private pool or a passionate love in a bathtub, it can be used as a “happy maker”.

The above is the product introduction of the O-Vibration sextoys online shock ring series. The two kinds of sex toys have the same point and different points. Couples and couples can choose and use according to their own needs so that the O-Vibration sextoys online shock ring series brings a more lasting and intense sex life.