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The survey found that the vast majority of men who included the O-Vibration sexual toys shock ring into the bed said that they liked the experience and should start using it earlier. You may wish to communicate with your lover and share your concerns. In the sex, you can use the O-Vibration sex toys to give him an unusual experience. He will also be satisfied and let your relationship go further.

rejuvenation sex toys shock ring using imported materials

The O-Vibration sex toys are made of high-quality medical soft rubber, which is comfortable for men to wear on the penis. The front is an innovative soft rubber bumper that can strongly stimulate the female clitoris. In the sexual position of the female upper body, the men and women and the O-rejuvenating sex toys will be closer together, and the pleasure of the woman will be more intense.

rejuvenation sex toys shock ring ultra-quiet effect

O-Vibration sex toys are ultra-quiet, without any uncomfortable noise. O-Vibration sex toys are all waterproof. However, do not charge or tighten the battery cover while flushing. It is easy to clean. It can be washed directly with water, dried with a clean towel, placed in a plastic bag and placed in a dark place.

rejuvenation sexual shock ring vibration more intense tremor

O-rejuvenation sex toys shock 30% more vibration, up to 20 minutes of tremor, just as strong as your passion. The unique time-delay collar makes him more able to stick; the innovative soft rubber bulge makes her strong stimulation throughout the whole process. Adaptable condoms and fun cockroaches can be used when using O-Vibration sex toys.

rejuvenation sex toys shock ring add sex

Studies have shown that perfect sex life plays a vital role in the relationship between lovers, and the use of O-sensation sex toys can inject interest and passion into the couple's life, which can make the feelings fresher and more lasting. Try some small tricks often, which can add points for intimate contact between you and your lover.

Take the O-Vibration sexy toys shock ring in your hand, it is very light and will not have any weight feeling. It is very comfortable and fits well with the skin. There is also a soft jagged shape that makes the sleeve more secure on the younger brother. O-rejuvenation sexy furniture shock ring transparent packaging, transparent sexual toys shock ring, with purple logo, a harmonious color combination.

Vibration shock clip is comfortable to wear

The O-Vibration Seismic Clamp is unique in style, adding to the fun, giving her a strong excitement, giving him a different kind of teasing, shocking and teasing, helping the lovers to easily reach the peak of pleasure! Small and flexible, easy to carry. The O-Vibration Seismic Clamp has a total length of 9 cm, an outer diameter of 4.5 cm and an inner diameter of 3.5 cm.

The O-Vibration Shock Clamp is made of high-quality soft rubber. The size of the ring is adjustable and it is more comfortable to wear. The switch is convenient and easy to use. The vibration is soft and ensures the stimulation of sensitive parts such as the clitoris. The O-Vibration Shock Clamp can also be used in place of the battery to make the passion last longer. An extra battery is also included. Let you enjoy it more!