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Is the male sexy doll expensive? There are some places that the male sexy doll needs to pay attention to. If you don't pay attention, you may have poor use and can't reach the orgasm. In severe cases, it may cause genital injury. The price of the sex doll is very different, choose the male sex doll that suits you.

How to use sexy doll male sex doll?

The male sex doll should pay attention to the following points during use:

1. After you have bought men's male sex toys, please do not rush to start, because most men's sex products will be coated with a layer of fungicide on the appliance when they leave the factory, that is, the surface of men's sex products. There is a layer of oily things! Also, men's sex products are some smell, that is, the product's smell!

2, you should first wash it with warm water, if you are careful enough, you will notice that most of the vaginal mouth of men's sex products are pink, and it will be washed off! This place warns you: this pink is just new. Guarantee, if you are buying such products, you are not aware that this pink is roughly a product that you bought for people!

3, men's sex products sexy doll will generally have their lubricating fluid, this is the factory to give you, but the manufacturers generally send less lubricating fluid, so you can buy more men's sex products at the same time you can buy more Let the lubricant go back!

4, the use of men's sex products must use lubricating fluid because men's sex products will not be able to secrete love liquid-like women so that your sex is lubricated, the appliance is only enough when the lubricating fluid is sufficient so that you feel full of pleasure.

5, some places have some men's sex products in the design, it is appropriate to design the vaginal opening is very small, but you do not have to worry about entering the problem, men's sex products are highly flexible, you do not have to miss the little brother to enter After that, you will be squeezed into it. You only need to apply some lubricating fluid to the vaginal opening of the men's sex products. After the penis is fully erected, you can enter with force!

6, men's sexual survival supplies sexy doll must be compassionate after use, you do not have to worry about the grease in the process of activation, slippery rough cleaning, because the lubricating fluid is water-soluble, will decompose when exposed to water, You only need to wash your men's sex products with water to wash them clean!

So is the male sexy doll expensive? The purchase of the sexy doll has always been a concern of many people, but in fact, there are many varieties of sex dolls. There are also different types of different models of different manufacturers of different models, but different Certainly, the sexy doll is acceptable to most people. Also, when you buy a sex doll, you must not be cheap. Buying those ultra-cheap sexy dolls, these sex dolls are not guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.