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What are the types of adult lingerie? What are the types of adult sexy dress? Compared with ordinary underwear, adult sexy dress is more sexy, which can stimulate men and women to have sex and make the sex process more fresh. There are many types of adult sexy sexy dresses, let's take a look at the types of sexy lingerie.

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Sexy dress is short and sexy women's pajamas. The length usually reaches the hips and the skirt is loose. Usually jackets and sexy underwear are sold together, mostly ultra-short, transparent, with a variety of elements such as opening, backless, sling, etc. to undertake the design, more sexy than the average female pajamas.

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The value of sexy dress cheongsam and robes is similar to robes or overall style underwear. Its basic characteristics are similar to dolls, but longer than dolls, usually above or near the knee.

Sexy underwear is usually divided into t-type pants, g-shaped pants, v-shaped pants and c-shaped pants according to the style. T-back is a thong or t-back featuring a thin line at the end. The g-pants are slightly wider behind the hips, but still small. The V-string is characterized by a hollow design of the back hip. The c-shaped pants are what we call "c-shaped pants". It has no belts. The sexy dress has only one crotch to cover the private parts.

Hot sexy dress

Sexy lingerie Sexy lingerie products are usually made up of a piece of clothing that fits up and down together, a bit like a one-piece swimsuit. The sexy dress is designed to be tight, transparent, hollow, open crotch to express the shape of the chest, very sexy and unrestrained. Corset vest Waist vest is an important category of sexy underwear, it looks like a vest or vest. It features an elastic material at the waist to tighten the waist, making the female's waist curve look slimmer.

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The waist vest and the garter are usually paired together to fully accentuate the woman's body curves and the waist and narrow legs, which bring out a more sexy visual effect. First of all, it does not use elastic material in the waist and abdomen, it will not be very tight, just close to the waist. Secondly, it can use steel rings and feather bones on the chest, emphasizing the fullness of the female breasts, and the garter will look more sexy.

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The bib garter is also an important part of the sexy dress, usually consisting of a belt and a connecting belt. Connecting belts are used to connect belts and socks. The belt acts as a fix. The garter can be paired with a variety of other sexy underwear to give women a glamorous beauty.

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